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Puppy love Full-time Job

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Liang Yanyan scolded in her heart: What if I haven't seen it? Ask! What else don't you understand? The elder and the stone finished the interrogation and exchanged information with each other. They both felt very successful. The situation of this pair of students is clear, and they are waiting to be dealt with. You Xiaohui and Liang Yanyan should say, the original burden is gone, all of a sudden it doesn't matter, love how to do it! Anyway, it's a matter of killing the pig in the Spring Festival sooner or later. Wait for the expulsion! At worst, you have to play a punishment. We'll see! "Go home and invite your parents!" Before leaving, the old man and the stone told the two students like this. You Xiaohui said: "My father does not rest!"! "No rest, ask for leave!" Liang Yanyan said, "My mother won't come either!" "If your mother doesn't come, you won't go to school." After lunch, the parents of both sides came to the school. If something like this happens to a child, the parents will know it is terrible. The parents of both sides looked at each other for half a day and scolded each other in their hearts. It's all you ***ing bastards who have ruined our daughter. Look at you! The upper beam is not right and the lower beam is crooked! There is a flood in front of the door, and the waves come home! The fire on both sides is bulging. The two teachers, Lao Chang and Shi Tou,plastic pallet supplier, were also very angry. Look at the children you raised. Shame on you! In the school, all let them this piece of stinky fish, stir up this pot of soup! Although they did not say so in their mouths, they scolded in their hearts. As soon as the two parents saw the teacher, they were busy smiling: "Teacher!"! This kid, he's an asshole! You have to educate well! Really not obedient,plastic pallet box, you give me a big ear post to the mouth. After listening to the old man and the stone, he could not stop the chicken pecking rice and nodding. It was as if their children had not done it, but they had done it themselves. Finally, they stood up and asked with trepidation: "You must not be expelled, forgive once!" " This is their main concern. If you really want to be fired, what can you do? In the future, it will be difficult to find a job, and it will add to the congestion at home? "It depends!"! We have to study it again! "You should be mentally prepared to go back and educate your children well!" "Yes!" The two parents fled. The two teachers went home victorious. Although they were busy all morning, they enjoyed themselves. This is a professional honor and satisfaction. At this time, the two teachers and the two parents had not eaten lunch. And for what? It's all for these two students who don't live up to expectations! The two students, regardless of that, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet supplier, had already filled their stomachs, which were growing up and increasing their appetite. Should eat two bowls, never eat one and a half bowls. After lunch at home, Zhong Lin returned to school and was called to the teaching office by Mr. Qiu to study the treatment of You Xiaohui and Liang Yanyan. Teachers Qiu and Shi advocated expulsion, and took this as a typical example to hold a school meeting to criticize, and asked all grades to send student representatives to speak. Teacher Qiu said very firmly: "We must grasp more ruthlessly and correct the atmosphere of the school!" I don't know where Zhong Lin got so angry. The students were more experienced than he was, and there was nothing wrong with their expectations. Expelled? Is it really a dismissal? He suppressed the nameless anger in his heart and asked, "Kill the chicken to show the monkey?" "Yes!"! Suppress the evil! The phenomenon of dating between students is too bad! "In this way, can students stop dating each other?" "At least it will be much less." "Mr. Qiu, frankly speaking, I don't agree with you." "So it's over?" Teacher Qiu spread out his hands. Are students more afraid of having nothing to fear? Teacher Shi said. Of course, expulsion is simple, but punishment is by no means the most effective way of school education. Zhong Lin's words made Qiu Shi's two teachers angry. After all, they are older than him. How could he talk about education in front of them? "Xiao Zhong, I can't agree with you." Teacher Qiu tried to put on an elder's demeanor. Deal with this number of students, you can not be soft! If you pity them, they will not pity you, so as not to make the mistake of the farmer and the snake. Teacher Shi also persuaded. Zhong Lin stopped talking. The two teachers thought he was convinced. Teacher Qiu patted him on the shoulder and said, "That's settled.". We need to make a quick decision: hold a general meeting on Saturday and let all grades prepare separately.. Zhong Lin is disgusted with this pat on the shoulder. His nameless fire jumped up again, and without waiting for Mr. Qiu to finish, he interrupted him: "I don't agree!" wwWxiaoshuotxt.com Part III, Sections 36 to 37 , novel _ t _ xt heaven Part III Verse 36: Are you too capable of Zhong Lin? 'What's The matter? What benefits have these students given you, and you are so protective of them? Teacher Qiu is also a little angry. This provoked Zhong Lin: "Teacher Qiu, I have always respected you.". Because you are my teacher. In schools, teachers generally get along with each other in a conciliatory manner. Even if they have opinions about each other, they hide them in their hearts and never show them outside. Is this probably the legacy of Confucianism for thousands of years? There are not many people like Chung Lin who stand up to Teacher Chiu in front of gongs and drums. Many teachers were stunned. Teacher Shi immediately stopped the fight. When it comes to the critical moment, he can always play the role of this kind of fire brigade: "Xiao Zhong, your time is too short.". You don't know these students! Their quality is too poor and their thoughts are too complicated. All of a sudden, Zhong Lin interrupted Teacher Shi's words: "What is complicated thinking?"? Now, it is always said that students' thoughts are complicated. I think they are simple-minded, so this happened! This choked teacher Shi. Teacher Qiu tried to use a gentle language to say: "Xiao Zhong, don't be too angry.". Teacher Shi and I are more experienced than you in dealing with this kind of problem, aren't we? I don't agree anyway. If you still want me to be the head teacher of Class 5, Senior 2,foldable bulk container, please respect my opinion. Leave the matter to me. Otherwise, you will remove me! Zhong Lin said and turned away. When he sat down at his desk in the teaching and research group, he kept scolding himself: "What's wrong with me today?"? Is it because seeing yuan Jing brings back memories of the past? Why are you so angry with Mr. Qiu and Mr. Shi? Damn it!. cnplasticpallet.com

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