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Company Overview :

Company Overview 



Do you have a post to be filled within your company ? And are you looking for the right candidates for your company? With a few clicks at Whoosmart Jobs site; you will look no elsewhere anymore.Welcome to Whoosmart Jobs platform ; we are a recruiting company based in Chicago,  Illinois, USA.  Our objective is to provide a simple to use Jobs platform where companies in the USA and worldwide can post jobs that are within their company with a few clicks for a free trial period. We also make it easily possible for job seekers to add their resume to our site for free and to search millions of jobs offered in our site while they wait for possible feedback from millions of companies that are using Whoosmart Jobs on a daily basis. Our number one priority is to assume the best for companies and job seekers that are using our site to add resumes or to create and manage Jobs.So what are you waiting for ! Start creating your favorite job list with Whoosmart Jobs by creating your free account today.


Why Whoosmart Services

Our goal is to bridge the gap between companies and employees, enabling each side to flourish in the most balanced way possible. We provide solutions in all general laboor industries; our unique screening style allows us to offer a range of services designed to ensure optimum levels of convenience and customers satisfaction in regards to the staffing process, our services incluses:

  1. Recruiting : Whoosmart recruiting process is uniquue and custom tailored to each specified need; our qualified candidates have the skills and integrity that companies need. Our hiring process maintains a practices that is governed by the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission and Laws of other State and Federal Labor Laws.
  2. Whoosmart staffing providing the best possible candidates on a hire basis or direct hire - a full time employees for 40 hours per week.
  3. No additional cost for a quick consulting services as regard to provide a better staffing recruiting for our clients expand-ability.
  4. Engaging and attracting top talents with positive engagement with your company.
  5. Whoosmart Staffing dedicated teams ( Human Reources ) will handle all payroll, drug test, other screening, taxes, workers compensation, general liability, health insurance, time keeping, onsite payroll, on site recruiting and much more.
  6. Job Matching : The right candidates for your requirement is some time difficult to find, let that be whoosmart staffers problems as we use the most advanced recruiting tools to find the right candidates to fill your job positions. Whoosmart staffing help our clients conducts a targeted search for talent they needed to grow their businesses.


Whoosmart Recruitment Expectation

Our recruiting teams knows how important it is for company to continue to maintain a steady relationship with desirable employees that are constantly looking to new job opportunities either intheir current company or in a different company. We also understand how difficult it is for employers to hire new candidates to fill prospective job position as their company grow in size and responsibilities. Recruiting the right candidates in timely fasion for your business is the most important part of whoosmart staffing recruiment process to minimize the time your business involved in searching, interviewing, hiring and training new candidates. whoosmart staffing recruitment process will get your business the right candidates you are looking for through :

  1. Attracting the right kind of employees through our recruitment process steamline for your business needs.
  2. Promote special criteria that validate candidates skills and ability to do the job they are hiring for your business.
  3. Proving job training and education to candidate for a job specification nedded for your business.
  4. thorough job references background check is tools whoosmart also use to ensure candidates we provide our clients are fit and qualified to provide your business for growth projection.


Whoosmart Staffing Workforce Services


Whoosmart staffing workforce management handle complex business projects and apply unique support systems that is designed to meet our client staffing needs in on timely fashion there by saving our clients money and resources use in their requirement of candidates to fill their job vacancy. Give whoosmart Staffing the opportunity to provide your company staffing solution that is dependable and cost efficiency. 


Types Of Staffing Solution

Job opportunity is available in different categories, employers and employees interested in different jo to hire or for hiring understand the differences of these job categories such as temp, temp tohire and direct hire.

Temp Only

This is a job opportunity with some form of limitation through out the work or job assignment suct as seasonal jobs and jobs with unpredictable workloads which staffing agency is involved. In this field, employer tend to save money in the cost for employment process which staffing agency carry the burden for the employment process; same apples to job seekerwho tend to benefit from temporary employment in building resume from different job experiences gained in various projects from seasonal employment. In temp job, there is no leave of absence benefit for talents.

Temp To Hire

A temp to hire job position tend to be permanent in the long run; the recruitment and hiring process is slightyly different and staffing agenvy is involve in the recruitment process and some times clients could be involved. A temp to hire position candidate is hired for a temporary period for about 3-6 monthsperiod. In other ward, atemp to hire is a job arrangement in which a worker is hired foe a temporary basis- usually through a temporary staffing agency with the possibility of the position becoming full time. Employee is eligible for a full time postion after the grace period os3-6 months, emploer can choose to offer to keep or dismiss the employee. Numerous benefits for temp to hire for both workers and employers, it gives employers the flexibility to experiment with a new roles and determine wheather a candidate is a good fit for a long term role with the company.

Direct Hire

A direct hire refers to a situation where a company intends to hire a candidate in filling a permanent roles or position as opposed to a temporary or contract-to-hire roles. Occasionally, a staffing agency is involved during the recruitment and hiring process, but after an offer is accepted, the candidate goes directly on the company's payroll and also enjoy the benefits of a direct hire. Whoosmart can help in getting your needs for a direct hire, the right candidates in on timely fashionthrough collection of resume, interviewing and screening of candidates for your company growth.


Job Seekers

Are You looking to build a short or a long team career? your are at the right place. Whoosmart staffing put people to work with our reputable clients in all type of jobs. We find out employment programs, job fairs and workshops that our clients have that may interest you in building your job carrer. Join us to continue to build a growing relationship with businesses that are hiring candidatesjust like you. Want to know more? Call us to get started at 773-526-8487.

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