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The wind and the moon are flying Full-time Job

1 year ago Medical & Healthcare Cary   1.2K views
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[Secret] Millennium Nvxia: Didn't you say that you didn't know the ungrateful person in reality? There are a lot of people like this in the game, so you can't take it seriously! Although the sister-in-law does not mind redeeming you to come out, but the system from time to time convulsions, engraved spoof, it is difficult to guarantee that other players will not be difficult for you in the future! Think about it again! It's enough for a thousand people to tie up a few times, and when they say there's a play, they run in groups. [Secret] Palace Wall Willow: Those who anger and mourn the family will be killed without mercy.. [Secret] Millennium Nvxia: Well, I still have the mind to tease the poor with my sister. I'm in good condition! Go ahead! Be brave enough to start killing! I support you! Sister by the way to cheat the past enemies nearby, small palace, this time you may be abandoned by the whole world, but it doesn't matter, change the skin back is a small willow, a small palace! When you come back,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, my sister and your uncle will take good care of you. [Secret] Palace Wall Willow: Goo ~ ~ () B borrows a knife to kill people. Sister-in-law, you are more vicious than me. Fortunately, after Mo Ran's small palace was snatched away by my respected heaven and earth, she never broke off contact with the Daguai couple. The nearly three-hour heart-to-heart talk outside the city made her intuitively like the original one of the Millennium Nvxia. The mutual talk over the past few days made the two women, who were quite different in age, get closer to each other. In the map starts to have the blue dot to approach unceasingly,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, in the line of sight also has the individual player to pretend in the vicinity to hit the strange Lian Ji, Kui they want to come out. Thousands of years of couples in the world a speech advocate, said that the decline of the imperial city surprised the harem treasure, there are countless Mo Qingcheng clothes and so on. Such targeted incitement is obviously directed at the man who has just been frustrated by the palace wall willow. As for the other people, apart from the part that the Millennium Nvxia deliberately did, most of them are cheap. [Nearby] Wo Zun Tian Di: Why are you here?! I can't believe I can get out! [Nearby] You don't Pay for Your Life: You don't Pay for Our Money If You Have Money to Redeem Yourself! You'd better hand over the money to Mo Qingcheng immediately! Otherwise, what you dig here today is not a treasure, but your new grave! [Nearby] Actually you don't understand my heart: Wow! Gossip man and woman! Show up together! Brothel that, sign a name, turmeric extract powder ,phycocyanin spirulina, your market is bullish, at the height of its power! [Nearby] Palace Wall Willow: It's good to see you. I've been waiting for a long time. [System Prompt] The player Gong Qiang Liu uses the ultimate forbidden drug to regenerate all things in your area. Your level has returned to zero. Please practice again. Don't make emotional disputes again. [System Prompt] Liu is using the ultimate forbidden medicine to save all living beings. Your level drops five levels. It's God's will. Please be sorry for your change. [Secret] Palace Wall Willow: Sister-in-law, see you in the next life. [System prompt] The player exits the game. The author has something to say: Run happily to update ~ ~ ~ Soon enough for a week. Please click on the collection, although I would like to proudly say: Collection is floating clouds ~ Can. That's really the power of the day. What, everybody ~ That's right. I just want you to watch BW even drop Xianglin Jasmine ~ ~ Enemies meet, especially jealous. The past has passed like a dream in a hurry, and Mo Ran has come back from the muddle. Even though she was always a little stubborn, there were no more ups and downs in her heart. In front of her, what she cared most was the depression of being taken away again. Man! As a man, what will happen if he is robbed? Boy pet? Slaves? Uh. The frost glides slowly all over the body, and Xiao Feng, who appears in the cold and silent beauty, is standing by the lake on the outskirts of the Windy City. The water is sparkling, reflecting a curved figure. Behind him stood a man in silvery white clothes. [Nearby] Boundless Flowers and Moon: Did I scare you? My appearance was a little sudden. I'm sorry. [Nearby] Xiaofengcan:.. [Nearby] Hua Yue Boundless: Don't worry, you won't be forced to get married this time. Besides, this is a male account, and the game is not so open. [Nearby] Xiaofengcan:.. Mo Ran was originally in passive resistance, by the way to see how the Frost City Lord Hua Yue, who brought Xiao Feng back as a suspect, planned to deal with himself next, who would have thought his words would be so meaningful. Who is he? What do you mean, "I won't be forced to marry this time"? What is "you are the male number"? Does he know something, or is he just making fun of it? Apart from uncle and sister-in-law, how can anyone know that the palace wall willow has returned magnificently? [Nearby] Xiao Fengcan: Who are you … … [Nearby] Flowers and Moon: I'm so sad that you don't remember me. (\ crying) [Nearby] Xiao Fengcan: So, who am I … … [Nearby] Boundless Flowers and Moon: My intuition tells me that you are the initiator of the fierce battle on the outskirts of Frost City. [Nearby] Xiao Fengcan: Don't interrupt, you know what I'm asking! [Nearby] Boundless Flowers and Moon: I am old when I was born. Have you forgotten? You gave birth to me already old, you gave birth to me already old! Almost. But how can this affectionate and rich man be so easily forgotten! He was the man who generously extended a helping hand when the willow on the palace wall was despised by all! Although I have no happiness to say. [Nearby] Xiaofengcan: Have questions.. [Nearby] Flowers and the moon are boundless: Say. [Nearby] Xiao Fengcan: I remember you well, but how do you know I am me? [Nearby] boundless flowers and moon: (o ) Oh! Sure enough, it's you! [Nearby] Xiao Fengcan: Cheat me.. [Nearby] Boundless Flowers and Moon: Didn't you have any impression of chanting while fighting monsters before? Isn't that the same name as the last one that you always say? [Nearby] Xiao Fengcan: Thank you for remembering … … However, this explanation is not credible (^) [Nearby] Boundless Flowers and Moon: You are still nymphomaniac in front of the sunshine and rain in the group, saying that you like to dress like that, but people ignore you. [Nearby] Xiao Fengcan: Well,akba boswellic acid, it's you … But how did you know about the forced marriage? [Nearby] Boundless Flowers and Moon: There was a woman who claimed to be your teacher's wife who replied to those abusive posts in the forum. She mentioned a few words and happened to see them. [Nearby] Xiaofengcan:.. Sister-in-law. Mo Ran called with emotion in his heart. Because the vendetta involved a lot of players who should not die, so it was expected to be cursed by hatred, I didn't expect sister-in-law to stand up for herself in that sensitive period. prius-biotech.com

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