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Ao Shi Yan Tian Full-time Job

1 year ago Medical & Healthcare Carrollton   1.2K views
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As the rosy clouds on the body slowly slipped to the ground, the woman's white body with delicate fragrance was at a glance. Ao Fang blushed and seemed to be struggling. The veins in his neck were blooming. The woman coquettish laugh, the whole person stuck to Ao Fang body, sexy red lips to Ao Fang kissed the past. Read a book and go to yuanka Gongjiu to read a book. Ao Fang held the woman's left hand in his right hand. Hand a force, the whole woman was Aofang pulled away from his side, followed by the release of the woman's hand, took a deep breath, because of the woman's teasing and surging mood. The woman saw that Ao Fang was ungrateful, stood in front of Ao Fang, closed her glasses, and began to touch her body with both hands. She slowly touched the mysterious area between her legs from her chest, and from time to time sent out a burst of moans in her mouth. There was a clear sound. It turned out that in order to sober himself up, Aofang gave himself a slap, and in an instant there was a slap on his face, but because Aofang's face was red. So you won't be able to see it soon. As expected, the slap had an effect, and Ao Fang's mind finally sobered up a little, looking at the woman who was swaying towards him again. Ao Fang's cool color became cold. The woman's charm was so great that she almost caught her way just now. The woman ignored the indifferent eyes of the party, with spring in her eyes, and still walked slowly to the party. Suddenly, a murderous look rose to the sky. The source of the murderous look was Ao Fang, who saw a white light flashing in his palm, which turned out to be an energy ball. The woman also seemed to see the energy ball in Ao's right hand, threw a wink at Ao Fang, and the whole person disappeared out of thin air in front of him. Ao Fang has not come to his senses, the whole misty scene of a change, and returned to the Bixiao Palace. Looking around, I found Mei Niang and Gu Changting looking at me with a smile on their faces. What happened to me just now? '. Ao Fang looked at Gu Changting doubtfully. Your brother's mind is the strongest I have ever seen. "" Mei Niang laughed. Gu Changting laughed and came to Ao Fang's side. "Brother Ao, it was Mei Niang who played a joke on you just now," he said. How interesting. Brother Aofang, aluminium coated tubes ,cold drawn tubes, how's it going? Did you have the impulse to boil your blood just now? Mei Niang gave Ao Fang a wink. Brother Shuo, what happened just now? Mei Niang is the head of Bixiao Palace. What they are good at in Bixiao Palace is illusion. When you drank that glass of wine just now, you were already in her illusion! Write a book and go to Wanshu Yingyou Cafe to read the book "Illusion?" Ao Fang tried to recall what had just happened, so real that he could clearly remember the friction between himself and the woman's body. When I first met her, I almost caught her way. "" Gu Changting showed a meaningful smile to Mei Niang. " My obsequiousness can confuse even those who are in the void. I didn't expect brother Aofang to be able to resist for so long. I, Hu Mei-niang, was really wrong! Said Mei Niang. That is, my brother Gu Changting. Which one is a fuel-efficient lamp? Ha ha ha. "Gu Changting seems to have a friend like Fang." Sister Mei Niang's illusion is really awesome. I admire her. "Ao Fang said." Brother Ao, if your desire is still there, I can ask someone to calm it for you. How interesting Ao Fang smiled bitterly. No wonder you're called Hu Mei-niang. Maybe you're the reincarnation of a fox. "Don't bother Mei-niang." How interesting. The Aofang brothers will pass by the Bixiao Palace in the future. Remember to come and sit here often. "Of course, of course, but Mei Niang can't do that again. I'm afraid I can't resist it if I do it again." Ha-ha. Ao Fang was not angry because Mei Niang played with herself. On the contrary, they played a joke in a big way, and Gu Changting and Hu Meiniang went a step further in their understanding of how to do it. Right. Brother Aofang, how did you meet Changting? "At that time, I was looking for a place to stay, but I didn't find it for a long time. I happened to meet Big Brother Shuo who was being chased by the people of Gan Qi Zong. I couldn't see past it and asked them for it. Ha ha!" "Haha, Yang Tianhai and Li Hongtao must be so angry that they are smoking now." "Gu Changting laughed happily." Be careful to be discovered by them. "" Mei Niang gave Gu Changting a white look. " What are you afraid of? The people of the eight sects are just some insidious villains, who seem to be very decent on the surface. Playing tricks behind his back. "I wish I could take them apart." All you do is fight and kill! "Hehe.". No, life is boring like this. You say so. "" With that, Gu Changting pressed Mei Niang's fan and took her into his arms. Ao Fang is speechless. I knew you two had a look. Did you give it away? Let go of me. Aren't you afraid you'll be a joke to Brother Fang? Hu Mei-niang smiled and pushed Gu Changting away. What are you afraid of? The Aofang brothers are our own people, right. Brother Ao Fang? Gu Changting pulled Hu Meiniang over again, completely transparent as the proud side. I can't see anything! Fang turned his head away with a smile. Read a book to a yak concave such as Wang, read a book. Haha, "Brother Shuo, why don't I go to the Blood Shrine next time? Will you stay with Sister Mei Niang?" Ao Fang doesn't want to see Gu Changting and Hu Meiniang kiss me here. Besides, there are too many women in Bixiao Palace, and they are all as charming as they can seduce people's souls. I'm afraid they will get high blood pressure if they stay for a long time. Looked at himself, but originally wanted to take Ao Fang back to the Blood Shrine, this is good, he came to the Bixiao Palace on the "fall," Mei Niang. I, "Gu Changting wanted to tell Hu Mei-niang to come and see her next time,impact beam tubes, but as soon as the words came to his mouth, he couldn't say them." Brother Shuo, you can stay. cbiesautomotive.com

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