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Broken flower weeping red Full-time Job

1 year ago Medical & Healthcare Cape Coral   1.2K views
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There is nothing else in Li Yi's mind, only these two words, four words, echo in his mind over and over again. After a long time, he asked, "Is the leader of the robbers dressed in white, elegant and graceful, like a scholar?" Long time ago, Father Mo thought for a moment, nodded, and said affirmatively, "Yes, that's him, and there are two others who keep calling for brothers.". You know about these robbers? It's not that I don't want to save it, but at that time, I couldn't save it. Father Mo is always in tears. Li Yi was completely defeated. Qingfeng Stronghold, Yu Nu. No wonder she looked familiar at first. The first day she saw her, she was surprised, but she only thought that Yu Nu had already passed away, and only regarded her as a similar person. Still later, I only read Yuezhu, and no longer have the intention to observe her. And that day, she asked for nothing but a word of her own. Originally, every word of blood and tears, is to say goodbye to myself. She must have recognized herself long ago. However,plastic trash bins, I married Yuezhu at that time. Without a chance to explain, she must have misunderstood that she was ungrateful. What's more, Yuezhu was pregnant for nearly ten months, and she must have calculated that she married Yuezhu in the capital. So she let go. Fulfill yourself and Yuezhu. What makes you blind? Close to her, but a stranger? What makes me so heartless that I can't remember her voice and smile, and I can't even make a picture? What is it that makes you cold and indifferent to her? That day at the foot of the mountain, she was tied up, dressed in white, disheveled hair,heavy duty plastic pallet, tears on her face, despair and sadness in her eyes, passed in front of her, but she watched her pass by? Father Mo cried for a long time. Then he wiped away his tears and said, "Well, if you want to blame it, you can only blame the jade slave for being unlucky.". You just give up. Li Yiteng stood up and said, "No, I won't give up." As he spoke, he strode out of the door without even saying goodbye. He has only one thought. Go to Jiangxi. She's a captive. There's always a place to go. Wherever she is now, she must be redeemed. Li Yi returned home and told Yuezhu about it. Yuezhu also felt sad and said, "At that time, I only felt like it, but she pretended to be mute and could not speak.". He claimed to be a local, and we could be forgiven for not recognizing him. Li Yi shook his head. "No amount of excuses can make up for my regret for her," he said. If I could be a little more careful. I won't let her despair enough to give up recognizing me. She was the closest couple, but I pushed her to hell with my own hands. She must feel. Abandoned. What kind of pain is better than a knife in the back from the nearest and dearest? I betrayed myself first. And merciless in the rear. Yu Nu, plastic bulk containers ,collapsible bulk container, Yu Nu, how can I compensate you? Why do you easily believe that you will die at a young age? It should be remembered that all the promises I have made have not been fulfilled. Originally, the bottom of my heart is extremely uneasy, in order to know the truth of the matter. If you don't go to see your father-in-law on a whim, don't you know the whereabouts of the jade slave in this life, so you live your life with a good conscience? Yuezhu also felt uneasy, and that day she felt that she was a threat to herself, but she could not think that she was really a jade slave. When he married Li Yicheng, he vowed that he would be good to Yu Nu's sister. Hearing that he had been captured, he felt even worse. Li Yi wanted to go, but he did not stop him. He packed up for him and said, "Go early and come back early." Worried all the way, Li Yi traveled day and night and set foot on the land of Jiangxi. It's been nearly a year. Li Yi inquired in many ways at the gate of the yamen, and learned that it was Su Yougeng who led the people to lay down the Qingfeng Stronghold at the beginning, and that the captives were also reported by him to the magistrate, and how to deal with them later was also handled by him. Li Yi asked where Su Qianhu was. No one knows. The only clue was broken, and the whereabouts of Yu Nu became a mystery. An old soldier saw that Li Yi always came back to inquire. He could not bear it and said, "Li Gong, I advise you to go back.". You can't find it like this. Li Yi says: "Be no good, did not find, how do I go back?" At the thought of Yu Nu suffering somewhere, his heart was like a knife. You could have saved her. You could have. Li Yi asked, "Is there any precedent for what the female captives will do?" This old soldier sees nobody, say: "Have match first, also have for slave land, but this batch seems to distribute to soldiers." Soldiers? There must be a list. One by one, I'm not afraid I can't find it. Old soldier listened to wry smile to say: "Gong, your speech is very relaxed.". As the saying goes, the soldiers of the iron camp are in chaos here. They either die or are transferred to other places. Not to mention a year and a half, it is possible to replace a few people in a few months. Disappointed, cold. Li Yi is powerless and depressed. "You help me," he pleaded. My family is trapped in it, and my family is very anxious. If there is a chance, I am willing to fight for it. You can help me find even the only person who knows. Old soldier but Li Yi said: "Well, I help you find out, but you can not hold too much hope, can not be done." After a lot of hard work, Li Yi finally got the news that the veteran really found a small soldier under Su Yougeng in the past. Li Yi went to his house. The courtyard was dilapidated and the furniture was shabby, as if he had returned to his original home. There is a man's scolding voice in the door: "You give me up, bitch, the old married you is to let you serve the old, you are good, sick every day, waiting for the old to serve you?" Then there was a crackling sound, mixed with a woman's cries and moans: "Don't, don't fight.." Yes, I.. Go Do Rice Ah The voice became more and more shrill, and at last there was only the sound of crying and the sound of crackling like a storm. Chapter 05 of the main text. The sound of the broken bottle on the ground ended with a crackling sound. A man came out swearing and spat: "Her mother, I can't help beating her. Every time I'm old, I can't be happy, and her mother won't die.." Li Yi shivered into a ball, as if convinced that the woman in the room was the jade slave. She married a rude soldier, weak and sick, not only can not get good treatment,plastic wheelie bins, but also be beaten. This man saw Li Yi, change at once ingratiate expression says: "This male, who do you look for?" cnplasticpallet.com

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