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Paradise Full-time Job

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In the dead of night, thousands of families have fallen asleep. A few oil candles were still lit in the main room of Ji's mansion, and Ji Qian was sitting at the table, staring silently at the candle tears, which congealed drop by drop. Alas! Go to bed early. I said or to inform the garrison adults, "the wife while groping for Ji Qianzheng to remove the blue satin robe, while complaining," in the end what is it? Can't I say it? You have a sad face all night, if you are really a vicious person, this big Nanhuai city, tens of thousands of people guarding, are you still afraid of his murder? But if he wants to make trouble and involve you, he won't even be able to keep his home. "Don't ask again," Ji Qianzheng's voice is rarely cold and hard, "you should also know that the world is vast, some things can never be managed by us. I'm glad he's gone. Don't mention it again, and don't tell anyone! For a long time, he sighed. "You'll never understand.". They are not one person, nor ten people, perhaps they will be thousands of people, when they charge in line, the stars will change,Stainless Steel Toilet China, even the army of the princes will retreat. "They are the apostles of the God of War," he said, his face unspeakably strange under the lamp. "They really are!" "Wu Shen?"? I think you were scared out of your wits. I heard Chang Ye say that he appreciated Ji Ye. "Wild son is really talented in martial arts, today he stabbed the man's shot to my chest, originally I have no chance to dodge, already have the heart of death, did not expect him to actually hold," Ji Qianzheng sigh,stainless steel toilet, "but the gun is too strong, after all is a violent character." "It was you who insisted on teaching him marksmanship at the beginning," his wife said bitterly. "Now that he has practiced marksmanship, his black eyes are even more fierce, and I am frightened by a glance at me at ordinary times. A concubine's son, but you teach better than Chang Ye, is it so thick? Ji Qian was sighing, "I spent a lot of effort on Chang Ye.". Wild practice of the dragon was originally violent, not in the peace of the spear, so will enter the country fast over the Chang night. I teach Chang Ye's Daqi swordsmanship, which is Ji's highest martial art. It's hard to get started, but my future achievements will certainly surpass Ye'er's. Moreover, Chang Ye learned literature and practiced martial arts, and it was not difficult for him to achieve ten times or a hundred times higher than Yeer. The warrior could only resist a few enemies, but Chang Ye could have the talent to rule a country, which could not be compared. "Then why do you teach Himeno again? He's so grumpy. Let him go." The look on his wife's eyebrows softened a little, stainless steel squatting pan ,Service Sink Faucets, but she was still complaining. " Go to battle brother, "Ji Qian is accompanied by a smile," although the wild son is not a talent that can be made, but practice a little martial arts, Changye will become a great thing in the future, but also can protect Changye, follow him to be a general or something, good for Changye. " "You're just thoughtful." His wife, who had nothing to say, took his arm and got into the quilt together. The voice inside gradually went down, and then there was only a giggle, vaguely talking about something in the future. Outside the house, the light of the stars and the moon flowed down, a rare quiet fragrance. There seems to be a layer of mercury flowing on the roofs of thousands of houses. Under the broad eaves far away, a thin shadow stood alone in the darkness where the stars and the moon could not shine. The tiny voice in the room could no longer be heard clearly, and Himeno looked up at the tiger's tooth-whistling gun in his arms, which was so cold that his heart trembled. He looked at the small pine forest behind the house, then at his north wing and the grassy stone floor in the garden, but he did not know where to go. He turned around and walked silently in the garden with his gun in his arms. Even Ji Qianzheng in the house did not notice his coming and going. Ji Ye's footsteps like a creeping cat, Ji Qianzheng always said that it is not open and aboveboard footsteps, in fact, the tiger's footsteps and cats are no different, but Ji Qianzheng has never seen the tiger. Walking to the wall, Himeno looked around, moved a few big stones, built a ladder, and quietly climbed up the wall. He walked silently along the top of the wall, and the boundless city of Nanhuai was sleeping at his feet. Himeno just walked like this, back and forth over and over again, and he had no idea where he was going. Finally, Himeno sat on the roof of his house, holding his legs and pillowing his knees, as if he were going to fall asleep in the cold night wind. "Himeno, Himeno." A thin and soft voice came from behind. Ji Ye woke up with a start and turned around to see a pair of rose-red eyes looking at him, with a playful smile on his petal-like lips. Yu Ran? He recognized the girl who had come to visit in the daytime. "What are you doing here?" "Grandpa and I live in a hotel over there. I want to come out and have a look, but it's always inconvenient to come out in the daytime." "Inconvenient?" Yu ran opened his eyes wide and picked up the pale golden hair around his neck. "Look at the color of my eyes and my hair. How dare I come out in the daytime?"? I wore a hood all the way, and sometimes I wanted to throw my hat away and ride on a horse with my hair down, but Grandpa wouldn't let me. I hate it. "I saw it," Himeno nodded earnestly. "It looks good." Yu ran stayed for a moment. "It would be better if everyone had a wooden brain like you." Himeno was not angry. "You go back. It's not safe outside in the dead of night." "What's not safe?"? In the forests of Ningzhou, if you travel, there are often villages of our feather clan. On the best moonlit night, we all wear white gauze dresses and walk hand in hand under the moonlight. We don't light the fire, and the moonlight shines on the skirt, like transparent, like the wings of a dragonfly. Legend has it that when a girl walks like this, the light of the moon God will shine on the lightest girl. She will fly into the sky in everyone's eyes and go to the palace of God. Unfortunately, I haven't seen it. However, "Yu ran sighed," it was really beautiful at that time. Everyone was beautiful. " Himeno watched her pick up the corner of her white skirt and stand at the end of the roof ridge. The breeze blew the white silk ribbon on her long golden hair. The whole portrait was illusory. He suddenly noticed that Yuran was barefoot,Flush valve price, half transparent feet gently stepping on the grey tiles, standing on tiptoe, as if he would fly away at any time. He stood up silently and looked at him with his head tilted for a long time. cnkexin.com

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