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The Story of a Female Forensic Doctor Destroying Her Husband Full-time Job

1 year ago Medical & Healthcare Carrollton   1.3K views
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Sun's mother thought that she had stopped her like this, and that no matter how affectionate they were, they would stop. But instead of stopping, he faintly heard the petty official say, "Don't be afraid, Jiao Niang. It's all right." Mother Sun was so angry and anxious that she couldn't wait to rush in and stop him. She only thought that the two of them were doing that, and the lamp was still on in the inner room. How could she dare to rush in like this? She was so anxious that she jumped to her feet and kept lying on the screen shouting, "Don't act foolishly, little officials. Be careful not to hurt little officials.." Before he had finished speaking, he fell down in the direction of the inner room with the sound of a screen. It turned out that he had just been too impatient and had leaned too hard, and as a result, he was overwhelmed by a fan. Mother Sun pressed her hands and feet on the screen. Ignoring the pain, she shouted, "a petty official.." But he was dumbfounded. The petty official in front of him was not doing what he wanted, but standing on the ground, shaking a pillar at the head of the bed with his hands. Only then did Yang Huan stop. She looked at Sun's mother and said in surprise, "What's wrong with Mom? She turned over the screen and came here."? Give me a good scare! Mother Sun raised her head and said, "Why is the little official shaking the bed again?" Yang Huan said with a straight face, "Just now I faintly heard the sound of a mouse under the bed. Jiao Niang is usually the most afraid.". Then I went down and shook the bed, thinking of driving the mice out. Mom,plastic pallet suppliers, what do I do? Mother Sun, ashamed and ashamed, struggled to get up. Xu Shirong could not stop Yang Huan just now, so he had to go with him. At this time, he saw that Sun's mother had fallen down like this. He was afraid that she had broken her hands and feet, so he hurried down to the couch to help her. Mother Sun was already a little ashamed, but she didn't dare to ask the little lady to help her. As she waved her hand,plastic pallet containers, she tried to get up at random. But she was in a hurry, and one of her feet was hooked on the base of another screen on the side. She shook it a few times. This time, even the screen was slanted down. When Xu Shirong and Yang Huan saw that the screen was going to hold down Mother Sun, they called out to be careful. Yang Huan reaction faster, is already grabbed to hold the screen, but is still a step too late, the screen is already pressed down. Mother Sun heard the wind in the back of her head, and subconsciously stretched out a hand to hold it, only to hear an ouch, and the whole person was already under pressure and could not move. The screen was made of poplar wood, and although it was carved a little thinner in the middle, only one fan weighed fifty or sixty catties. When Yang Huan lifted the screen above, she saw that Sun's mother's left hand was already holding the right hand that had just been blocked, and she kept shouting, ibc spill pallet ,secondary containment pallet, looking as if she had made a mistake. Where can also sleep, the whole county government backyard people are up, tidying up, please herbalist please herbalist, busy a chicken flying dog jump. When the herbalist was invited to come over, he was the one who had treated Yang Huan's injured leg the previous time. In the wail of Sun's mother, she pinched the medicine and hung it around her neck, saying that she could not work for two months and needed more rest. Only then did he receive the consultation fee and was sent back. When Xu Shirong saw that Yang Huan had caused such a disaster, he regretted that he had not pulled down his face to stop him. She went up to make amends to Mother Sun, but she couldn't stand it. "The little official is so naughty," she said with a bitter face. "The little lady doesn't look at anything else. She thinks more about the little official and detains him more." When Xu Shirong saw that she had arrived at this time, she was still so obsessed with the old lady in the Qiu mansion. She was funny and angry, but nodded yes on her face. Yang Huan is not so easy to talk to. At first, she regretted playing tricks on her, but when she heard that she had not forgotten to teach Jiao Niang such a lesson, she was a little angry and did not say much, but only gave a wink to the sparrow. There was nothing that the little sparrow didn't understand. He and the little butterfly immediately stepped forward to help up Mother Sun and said, "Mother has worked hard in the past.". And now a bad hand, where can serve here, this earlier to rest will raise. In the future, I will be trapped here on behalf of my grandson's mother to serve the little grandfather and his wife. Mother Sun was still worried in every way, but at first she set up a bed here, which was convenient for her to serve at night. Now that she had to be served by others, how could she stay here? He had no choice but to be helped up and went reluctantly. Everyone was settled on the couch, still holding the sparrow's hand and telling him endlessly. The sparrow nodded one by one, and was released, leaving the butterfly to sleep with her in the same room. The little bird was still a big girl with yellow flowers. How could she be willing to stay in the cubicle of his husband and wife's bedroom as cheekily as Sun's mother? Just now, he just followed his own little grandfather's mind and coaxed her out at random. Sun's mother, however, felt that it was just a common thing for the maid beside the little lady to accept the room as a minor official. Seeing that the little sparrow deserved a loud voice, she would not have thought that she had turned her feet and gone back. She was just sleeping in the room on the side where she had lived before. In the backyard of the county government office, the lights went out again and the voices of people were silent. Lying on the bed, Yang Huan shrank his head in silence and was taught a lesson by Xu Shirong. Then he hurried down to bring her a cup of tea and said, "Lady taught her a lesson.". I will never dare to be so naughty and use the mouse as an excuse again. Lady said so many words, the mouth must be dry, first moisten the throat before continuing. Then he put the teacup to her mouth. As soon as Xu Shirong was stirred up by him, he couldn't go on. "It's my fault," he sighed. "If I had stopped you just now, such a thing wouldn't have happened.." Yang Huan put back the teacup. Then he came up and hugged her with a smile and lay down and said, "Mother Sun is a good one. I know that.". But she is also a bit boring. Now that the accident had happened, she could sleep in peace for the rest of her life. I'm not old enough to guard against the two of us like a thief, and my body is broken. Besides, it's not impossible. Don't think too much. Go to bed quickly. It's already past the third watch. With these words, he blew out the lamp and put down the curtain. Mother Sun got up the next day, and the first thing she did was to hang her arms and go to the bird to ask what was going on. Hearing that she should be full of good words,plastic pallet suppliers, she was still a little worried and kept telling her. After some time, I secretly noticed that the little lady looked ruddy and her belly was growing day by day, and there was nothing wrong with it. Then I gradually felt relieved and went to take care of my arm injury. Chapter 79. binpallet.com

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