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Defend Yan'an Full-time Job

2 months ago Medical & Healthcare Cape Coral   218 views
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Zhou Dayong saw clearly that he had very few soldiers, but Ma Quanyou had only two soldiers. Seeing that Ma Quanyou had come to a dead end, Zhou Dayong had an angry and irascible feeling for the first time in today's battle. Broken black, ten paces away can still see things. Zhou Dayong and his soldiers were shooting, trying to catch up with the horses that had retreated to the left side of the cliff. But when Zhou Dayong led the soldiers to attack the enemy. But I can't feel that the horses all have their movements. He thought, "What's the matter?" Suddenly, there was gunfire behind the enemy, and in the blink of an eye, there was a dense explosion of grenades. The enemy was so confused that they turned around and ran, bumping into each other and shouting like the sky was falling down. Oh, the sound of gunfire! Zhou Dayong jumped up and shouted. Comrades, go after him! Go after it! The soldiers ran west along the ridge. Many red and green flares fired by the enemy rose from the sky; many flares hung in the sky, making people's eyes ache. In the light of day, Zhou Dayong saw groups of enemy troops in a panic. He also saw enemy corpses, backpacks, bullet boxes, grenades, door panels, wooden rafters, single bunkers, machine gun fortifications, and artillery positions everywhere on the ridge. With their guns on their backs and American submachine guns from the enemy in their hands, the soldiers fired at groups of flustered enemies. A good beating! Zhou Dayong led the soldiers to chase several hills and met Wei Gang head-on. Wei Gang suddenly hugged Zhou Dayong at the waist and shouted, "Battalion Commander!"! Happy, happy, happy! We beat the enemy to a pulp. Night fighting, night fighting is really delicious! Battalion commander, I met a lot of guerrillas, and they said that there were dozens of guerrillas, like us, getting into the enemy's stomach and stirring up trouble. Hey, battalion commander, let's hurry up and pursue! Zhou Dayong said, "We can't chase any more.". Gather up the soldiers immediately and prepare for the enemy's counterattack! He pondered for a moment and then added, "Without the cooperation of the guerrillas, how can we stir up the enemy so much?"? But let's hurry back. The wounded are still at the bottom of the cliff over there. His heart twitched at the thought, for in the chase he did not see all the horses coming up with them. Zhou Dayong and Wei Gang returned to the ridge where they had fought, but they didn't find Ma Quanyou. "Maybe they went down the ditch," he thought! He led the soldiers to pull down the rope that had been used to put the wounded. The sky is dark and the earth is dark, and no one can be seen on the opposite side! They went down for a long time, down to a cliff, everyone's clothes were broken by thorns, their palms were worn out, and their feet were hot! Look, the front is still a cliff, and then go down to the bottom of the ditch. Zhou Dayong estimated: "We have been down for so long, how high can the cliff be?" He threw a stone down to make a sound, collapsible pallet bin ,ibc spill containment pallet, but it was really not high. He led the soldiers to jump down. Cliff, the cliff is more than thirty feet high! After Ma Quanyou and Zhou Dayong were cut off by the enemy, he led two soldiers to resist the enemy. Fortunately, the small mountain pass occupied by Ma Quanyou was surrounded on three sides by gullies, and the enemy could only press from the front, and could not spread his forces or encircle them, but it was difficult for three soldiers to withstand hundreds of enemy troops after all. The enemy is advancing on them, and the situation has become very dangerous. Ma Quanyou, Ning Erzi and Liang Zhiqing lay on the ground and fired at the enemy desperately, dropping bombs on the enemy. Finally, they retreated to the edge of the precipice! Grenades and bullets were all gone, and in the blink of an eye, all the tension in my heart was condensed: glorious sacrifice or stretching my neck to be killed by the enemy! Ma Quanyou clenched his gun with both hands, clenched his teeth, grinned his mouth, and stamped his feet. An idea that made people's blood coagulate flashed through his mind: "Jump off a cliff!" Soldiers Ning Erzi and Liang Zhiqing held Ma Quanyou's arms tightly. Ma Quanyou stood upright and stared at the enemy. He thought that it was too cowardly to die like this, and that if he had more bullets, he would have to replace them. "Drop the bolt!" He shouted. The two soldiers unloaded the bolt with a crash and threw it into the ditch. Ma Quanyou grabbed the tip of the gun and swung it to the ground, but the gun didn't break. He suddenly turned his head, grabbed Liang Zhiqing's shoulder and asked, "Are you a party member?" "Yes, company commander." With a swing of his head, Ma Quan pointed to the precipice behind him and said, "The Party needs your loyalty." Liang Zhiqing gazed at Ma Quanyou for more than ten seconds. Then he took a few steps to the edge of the cliff and shouted, "Company commander!" As soon as I rolled, I went down! Ning Erzi suddenly picked up Ma Quanyou's waist and said, "Company commander, company commander!"! We're going to be together, we're going to be together. Ma Quanyou pushed Ning Erzi and ignored him. He just stared at the enemy with blood-red eyes. Ning Erzi hugged his head, stamped his feet and rolled down the cliff! At this moment, the enemy was shooting, shouting, and pouncing. Ma Quanyou stood upright until the enemy approached, and then threw the broken gun at the enemy. The enemy was startled and suddenly fell down. Ma Quanyou retreated to the edge of the ditch, turned around, jumped up like throwing water, and threw himself down! In the dark night, there was a burst of gunfire. The strong wind blows down the ditch, rolling the heroic news, flying over thousands of mountains, rivers and plains, shaking the doors and windows of every house to tell people: In such a dark night. What happened to the motherland! Seven weeks Dayong jumped off the cliff and fell into a coma for a long time. When he sobered up, he led Wei Gang and the soldiers to the bottom of the cliff where Ma Quanyou had jumped, and found the Comrade who had died and the Comrade who was alive and seriously injured. Then they touched the ravine on the east side of Jiuli Mountain. There are enemies to the north, and there is a mountain ditch to the south leading to Dachuan, Qingjian County. They felt themselves out from among the enemy. They turned into a ditch and found some cold caves. Hey, there are a lot of fleeing villagers in the cave. They really have relatives in the deep mountains! The villagers were busy boiling water and cooking for their troops. They felt that if they lived with their troops, they would not be afraid of the sky falling. Judging from their overjoyed faces, this army will live with them forever and will not leave. Zhou Dayong took Ma Quanyou and other wounded to the cave, and asked Wei Gang to go out to set up a guard. He sat on the ground in the cave and took out a piece of paper from his body, ready to write something. The small oil lamp of the fellow-townsman will not be extinguished. He shouted,collapsible pallet box, "Correspondent, bring the flashlight that picked up the enemy!" The correspondent's wounded right hand was bound with a bandage. He approached Zhou Dayong and said, "The flashlight is broken!" binpallet.com

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