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Tibetan Code 1-8 Full-time Job

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Zhuo Mu Qiangba answered honestly: "In fact, our purpose this time is just to cross this jungle as a kind of experience for our field survival training.". Even we didn't expect it to be like this. The original plan was only ten days in total, but now half of the time has passed, and we have wasted two days. Now that the injury has healed, we must travel as soon as possible to make up for the loss of time. Yueyang in the side reminded: "However, the guerrillas around the territory of Kukur, waiting for us to go out." Zhang Li also said, "Yes, we don't know what kind of training we received this time. We were pursued by both drug dealers and guerrillas. Not to mention us, even if the regular special forces came, they might not be able to get away with it.". I don't think it's possible to cross this jungle in ten days. We might as well stay here. After ten days, they should come to look for us. Otherwise, we can contact them again, even if we fail again. As soon as Zhuo Mu Qiangba twisted his eyebrows, Bazang sneered: "Hum, this is not like what the special guard regiment said.". The purpose of training is to face all kinds of dangers,iron nail machine, including confrontation with the enemy. If you give up like this, it means not only this failure, but all the training is wasted, and there is no chance to meet more difficult challenges. Do you understand? "But now we don't even have basic weapons," said Zhang Li. "What can we do to fight against those guerrillas?"? Like this time we were injured, and the Kukur people helped us,Iron Nail Making Machine, so what about next time? Next time you and Master Qiangba or other people, including me, Yueyang, we fall again, will we have such good luck? Baba rabbit looked at the four guests at a loss, how they said on the way at daggers drawn. "All right, all right," said Zhuo Mu Qiangba. There is nothing to argue about. It is also one of the subjects of our training to win more with less, to reverse the situation with inferiority, and to be surrounded by the enemy's heavy fire with bare hands. The field survival training we have been receiving is to build a form suitable for our own survival in a completely unfamiliar environment with our hands. It's impossible to run around with large-scale military weapons. More often than not, we have to rely on our own. Brains. The situation is not good for us this time. Who says we have to fight with the guerrillas for more weapons? As far as I know, there is a back door for the Kukur people to get in and out? The last sentence, Nail machine manufacturer ,Nail machine supplier, however, was said in English to Baba Rabbit. Baba Rabbit stammered, "That's right, but how can you pass there?"? It's classified as Ahe. Where Becky is resting in the forbidden zone. "Do you really want to go there?" Asked Yueyang? It seems to be a dead place in the jungle where even the Kukur people are forbidden to enter. Zhuo Mu Qiangba asked, "Which do you think is more dangerous than the primitive jungle where the guerrillas are guarding the checkpoint?" "It's all very dangerous," said Basan. According to the history of the Kukur people, from the sixteenth century onwards, Spaniards, German archaeologists, American explorers, many people were trapped in that jungle and did not come out. It was a sigh jungle called the tomb of explorers. The last time was in 1965, when the life of British Explorer Morar ended in the jungle. Zhuo Mu Qiangba patted Bazang on the shoulder and said, "It doesn't matter.". Don't forget, now is the 21st century, today's technology is changing with each passing day, people in the 1960s can not pass, does not mean that we can not pass. Bazang looked askance at Zhang Li and Yueyang and said, "I don't care." Zhuo Mu Qiangba looked at Zhang Li. Zhang Li bowed his head and said nothing. Then he looked at Yueyang. Yueyang thought about it and said, "Just die. Who told you to be the captain?" Zhuo Mu Qiangba smiled and said, "Well, that's settled." Claw translated through his sister: "Since you insist on leaving, we can't force you to stay. Let's drink to our hearts' content tonight. God Chayak will bless you." "Come on, cheers".. Whispering at the altar After the carnival, at the end of the song, Baba Rabbit took Zhuo Mu Qiangba to the altar. The stars in the sky were still the same, but the moonlight was dim. The noble princess spread her beautiful hair and sat in the center of the altar with her hands around her knees. With childlike eyes, she looked at the vast night sky and said, "When I was a child, I used to come to the altar alone to see the stars.". The stars look so far away, and they seem to be so close to themselves. At that time, I often wondered what the world outside the jungle was like. But at that time I did not dare to have such an extravagant hope, leaving the jungle, to the outside world, is really a thing that I dare not think about. Later, more and more people came to the jungle, drug dealers wanted to borrow roads through our territory, the guerrillas wanted to avoid conflict between the two sides,Coil nail machine, and some people liked what you called rare wild animals. I heard a lot of stories from them. There are hundred-storey buildings, flying planes, and even people can go into space. It is said that they can fly directly to the moon. 3shardware.com

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