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Villain Princess Does Not Wash White [Wear Books] -- a Bowl of Hot Sweet Soup Full-time Job

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Author Sweet Soup: Don't, don't, don't abuse a chapter, immediately sweet! Let you kiss him to death! Ji Yueyue: Write addiction points. Author Sweet Soup: I know, I know! Scenery yuan:.. Chapter 34 a meteor shower tonight. "Is it true that God is helping them?" yuan Weiyan was burning with anger, and his anger was stronger than his red coat. Ban Lie folded his fists and saluted, "Four princes, I heard that Princess Yu had set up a platform to attract the north wind at the Nanling Pass.". It is said that the gas mask was also designed by her. yuan Weiyan was furious: "Princess Yu.." Her again? Why is this woman in the way? Ban Lie said, "I heard that she went against the wind and was struck by lightning because of it. Now her life is uncertain." "Struck by lightning?"? Life or death is uncertain? Why didn't you kill her?! yuan Weiyan crushed the walnut next to him with one hand. The ugly woman with a big scar on her head was like a hundred-footed worm, dead but not stiff. I'll kill her myself! Five days had passed since the night of the moon, the north wind had stopped, and her face had slowly returned to normal, but there was still no sign of waking up. No matter how the scenery yuan helps her to cross the gas, her body is like a bottomless pool of stagnant water, the scenery yuan's True Qi input will sink to the bottom of the water, can not lift a trace of waves. She could only pour some gruel every day, and although her face was not black, she was getting thinner and thinner, and to this day she could not pour a drop of gruel into it. Scenery yuan tried his best, but the porridge still flowed out of his mouth and sprinkled on the bed, soaking the pillow and wetting the hair. Jing yuan sat on the edge of the bed with a bowl of porridge in her arms, watching the trickle slide down her mouth. A few days ago, her eyes were black and bright, and she said to herself, "Wang Ye, I heard a story called Sleeping Beauty.." Why do you want this kind of reward? That's probably because the moonlight night likes my sweetheart too much. Scenery yuan closed his eyes and whispered: "Sleeping Beauty, as long as you wake up, no matter what you have done, we will write it off, OK?" Scenery yuan poured himself a mouthful of porridge, bent down and gently held her lips, and gave her the porridge bit by bit from his mouth. My Sleeping Beauty.. Can you wake up.. A tear came out of the corner of the scenery yuan's eye, and he did not care to wipe it. Suddenly, Jingjing yuan felt a movement in his mouth, and then the porridge in his mouth was sucked in. He was so frightened that the bowl of porridge fell to the ground and the warm porridge spilled all over the floor. He was just about to get up and look, but he was held tightly by a hand. Scenery yuan stared to see each other's eyes full of smiles, black eyes are all proud of the success of the calculation. Scenery yuan Teng sat up, pursed his mouth, wiped the porridge around his mouth with the back of his hand, and blushed with shame. Wang Ye, Precision Welded pipes ,Precision steel tubes, your reward has been received on the moonlight night. Ji Yueye lay on the bed and blinked at him, saying that he did not forget to lick the juice at the corners of his mouth. You Jing yuan blushed. "When did you wake up?" Ji Yueye grinned and said, "Well.." The moonlight night did not faint, Wang Ye hugged me under the wind platform, fed me porridge I know, you said to me I also heard. "How can you calculate this?!" Jing Jing yuan was shocked by her. "Were you struck by lightning?!" "You can say that, but it's all Wang Ye's fault. If you had promised to reward the moonlight night earlier, the moonlight night would not have done this.". I'm starving to death! Ji Yueyue smiled like a successful cat. Jing Jingyuan was surprised and angry: "Lin Xi's words were said by you on purpose. Even the words of the military doctor were taught by you. You colluded, didn't you?" "Yes, I promised to give them the secret recipe for the antidote pills, and they agreed." Ji Yueyue said that his mouth was bulging into a puffer fish, and he was not happy to say, "Why, Wang Ye is not happy to see Yueyue wake up?"? Instead, they began to settle accounts after autumn? I don't know who said that, but as long as I wake up, I will write off what I have done. "You here." You are really. Scenery yuan was blocked by her, unable to speak, and stared at her, "If I don't today." If I don't feed you porridge, will you lie like this forever? Ji Yueyue's eyes were black and bright. She raised her eyebrows and said firmly, "Wang Ye won't. I'm so hungry. You will definitely save me." "Princess, the king really underestimated you!" "The scenery yuan dotes on and helplessly gouges out her one eye." Thank you for your praise. Hey, hey! Ji Yueyue took Jingjing yuan's hand and put it in the palm of his hand to prevent him from retracting. She continued, "I'm lying in bed. I didn't do anything.". I heard you say that some of our soldiers were poisoned on the battlefield, so I still want to wake up and have a look. I've figured out that when I made gas masks before, it was the key to have a taste of Tili grass. This Tilly grass is the source of poison, but it is also an antidote. "Tilly grass?" The scenery yuan simply also did not pull out the hand, the backhand grasped her catkin. Ji Yueye nodded and poked his finger at yuan Kuan's thick and cocooned palm. He continued, "The reason why people in southern Xinjiang are resistant to poison is that they often eat Tili grass in their daily diet, but this is a cumulative process.". So this Tilly grass. "What do you want?" Scenery yuan was poked by her palm itching with the whole body itching, eager to press her on the bed to kiss, had no choice but to clench his fist, Ji Yueyue touched the back of his hand with a soft little hand. What else can we do? Destroy their Tilly grass. First, with the passage of time, the poison can be completely eliminated in three or five years. Second, this period of time can also let their descendants taste the feeling of poisoning, this life will not dare to attack my beam. “……” Ji Yueyue held Jing yuan's hand and rubbed it back and forth. She couldn't put it down. "I'm afraid Wang Ye is going to say I'm vicious again?" "Ben Wang.." I really don't like it. Ji Yueye sighed: "Forget it, I also say, I know Wang Ye will not agree.". Once this Tili grass is really extinct, people in southern Xinjiang will also be poisoned. Although they are not my people, there are also unarmed innocent people inside. “……” Ji Yueyue gazed at the scenery yuan, unfolded his hand,beam impact tubes, interlocked his fingers, and said, "Wang Ye.". The moonlight night really likes you very much. You are like a ray of light that shines into every dark corner of my heart. The moonlight night felt that she had become a little kinder. Jing yuan looked at the two of them holding hands and shook his head with a wry smile. "You probably scolded me in your heart." cbiesautomotive.com

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