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Looking at the sincere fear of Wang Hui, Jiang Xian is also a gentle sigh to Heng. He also knew that, in fact, some things did not blame Wang Hui for the fight last night. Jiang Xian can also judge, this time please fat is to send out their elite iron blood hall, relying on their own these forces, simply not enough to fight against the green gang. Even if you change yourself, some things are also very helpless. This is the shallow foundation of helplessness, they can deal with them, but their men are not able to deal with. Green Gang. I won't let you go! Jiang Xian hates so much that his teeth itch. Knock! Knock! Knock! At this time a knock on the door came, Jiang Xian opened his mouth indifferently: "Come in!" It was Wang Hui's son Wang Hong who came in. Wang Hong came to Jiang Xian and said respectfully, "Jiang Shao, we have controlled Shen Delong!" "I know!" Jiang Xian opened his mouth coldly: "Wang Hui, you also stand up!" "Xie Jiang Shao, Xie Jiang Shao!" Wang Hui stood up hurriedly, but his legs were a little weak, but he could not stand up in any case. Wang Hong on one side hurriedly helped his father up. Jiang Xian continued to ask: "So, what did you ask?" Wang Hong immediately opened his mouth and said, "Yes, the Yamaguchi-gumi gave him a million dollars.". He has been secretly informing Gaoshan Jianyi of their whereabouts, Jiang Shao, this time is my mistake,wholesale plastic pallet, no, Gaoshan Jianyi to strictly guard up! "Nothing!" Jiang Xian shook his head slightly and said indifferently, "He hasn't left Qinghai yet. Just arrest him again. What really worries me is Che Gu Mei Ji Zi!" Jiang Xian is very clear, but know that Liu Qinglong has taken refuge in their own, if she announced the news, then they will have a lot of follow-up plans can not be launched. That woman! Jiang Xian shook his head slightly. "So, have you found out where they are?" He continued. Wang Hong nodded and said quickly, "They have moved several times,drum spill containment, and now they are concentrated in a resort in the suburbs. They have completely contracted it, Jiang Shao.". Look, are we going to kill them and teach them a lesson? "No, I have my own sense of propriety in this matter!" Jiang Xian opened his mouth coldly. Wang Hong was stunned, but did not say a word. Jiang Xian slightly narrowed his eyes: "Resort, you are so comfortable!" " "So, with Jiang Xian's conceit is certainly not to let people attack, this villa, he will go in person, when the time comes, we can calmly layout!" In a hotel in Qinghai, Du Hao calmly analyzed. In this room, Tiexue, Zhao Hong, Takayama Jianyi, Chegu Mikiko is also gathered together, spill plastic pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, in addition to these people there are eight islanders, the eight people are the remaining eight disciples of death, Yamagata was killed by Jiang Xian, Takaoka Falcon is naturally furious, in Takaoka Falcon's view, Yamagata is true, will undoubtedly be his heir, for them, The heir to the throne is undoubtedly the most important, and Takaoka Hayabusa almost regards Yamagata as his own son. Jiang Xian killed Yamagata true, this Gaogang falcon nature is furious, originally intended to personally to assassinate Jiang Xian, but, halfway because there is a major task, had to temporarily give up the idea of assassinating Jiang Xian, but, he sent out the remaining eight disciples. Kill Jiang Xian! Du Hao looked at the people around him with satisfaction. At this time, everyone's eyes were focused on him. The feeling of being noticed really made him enjoy it very much. As soon as his eyes swept, Du Hao looked at the eight disciples of the God of death and said slowly, "Besides, I hope you can go to the resort." Eight people could not help but slightly stupefied, Du Hao calmly opened his mouth: "This is the best opportunity to deal with Jiang Xian, with Jiang Xian's conceit, will certainly go in person, with your assassination means, if to deal with Jiang Xian, it should not be a problem!" Led by a killer, called Yamada Temple, at this time is a face of calm opening: "I know!" " "Wait a minute, what about us?" Tiexue suddenly said, "Since Jiang Xian must go back to the resort, wouldn't it be better for me to go with Zhao Hong?"? In that way, we can deal with Jiang Xian more easily! Du Hao shook his head slightly and said slowly, "It's not that simple. Qinghai is Jiang Xian's place after all. If Jiang Xian finds you in this resort, he won't dare to go even if he gives Jiang Xian ten courage!" Tiexue couldn't help staring at Zhao Hong with a wry smile: "So, do you mean that we can only do nothing?" Du Hao opened his mouth with a smile and said, "That's not true!" Speaking of this, Du Hao calmly opened his mouth: "or the woman beside Jiang Xian!" As he spoke, Du Hao took out a photo from his bosom and said with a smile, "This woman!" The woman in this photo is wearing a police uniform, and it is Xia Bing. Tiexue frowned at that time: "Are you asking me to kidnap a woman and force Jiang Xian to submit?" Du Hao nodded gently: "No matter how bad it is, we can also use this woman to threaten Jiang Xian and exchange her with Sun Chenggang!" "I can't do such a thing!" Iron-blooded nature also has the pride of Iron-blooded, just like this kind of dirty means, but he is not willing to use it. If you don't, I'll do it! Gaoshan Jianyi smiled: "This damn Jiang Xian, dare to imprison me, so beat, I will never let him go!"! Tut-tut, this girl is pretty pretty! As soon as Gao Shan saw Xia Bing in the photo,mobile garbage bin, his eyes brightened slightly, revealing the unique expression of a lady-killer, and he laughed on the spot. cnplasticpallet.com

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