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Evil debt Full-time Job

2 months ago Human Resources Carrollton   278 views
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A smiling girl who looked like a store manager stretched out her hand and said politely, "Mr. Pan, please come inside." Pan Dongming pulled Xie Qiao's hand and followed the girl to the front desk. This was an eye-opener for Xie Qiao. There were clothes everywhere in the spacious room of hundreds of square meters. Some were neatly stacked on hangers, and some were worn on models. Every piece of clothes made by the light was brilliant, like colorful clouds stunning the vision. Pan Dongming asked the girl, "Where is Yang Yang?"? Not here? The girl replied with a smile, "Yes, there is a guest in the inner room. Please go to the lounge and wait for a while." Pan Dongming nodded and pulled Xie Qiao, who was almost stunned, to the door of the "lounge". At the door, I heard a burst of charming laughter, accompanied by a clear female voice: "What about this one?"? How's it going Pan Dongming heard the voice holding Xie Qiao's hand suddenly a tight, then relaxed, he turned his head to look at Xie Qiao's eyes, suddenly smiled: "What a coincidence, actually met an old friend here." Evil debt 30 Pan Dongming said this sentence and pulled Xie Qiao straight into the lounge, let Xie Qiao embarrassed, is Pan Dongming mouth old friend, unexpectedly is Luo Hao and Ning Xiaoya. Luo Hao was sitting on a sofa with exaggerated colors, wearing a black dress, a white shirt, no tie, and a smile on his handsome face. There were two girls in front of him. One was a beautiful Ning Xiaoya. She was wearing a bright red floor-length dress, which was as dazzling as a fire. The other girl was also very beautiful. Her short hair was slightly permed, and she was nifty behind her ears. Hearing their footsteps, they turned their faces together,stesweet stevia, especially Luo Hao. When he saw Pan Dongming and Xie Qiao, he was obviously stunned. Then his eyes fell on their hands tightly pulled together. His lips, which were still smiling, were cold and hard. He slowly raised his head and stared at Xie Qiao's eyes with unknown emotions. Xie Qiao's face turned pale in an instant. She reluctantly moved her eyes away from Luo Hao's face, but she didn't know where to put them. The girl with short hair had come over with a charming smile. She took Pan Dongming's arm affectionately and said crisply, "Oh, Mr. Pan, it's a great honor for me to come to my humble abode." She looked at Pan Dongming's face again and pointed to her own face and asked, "What's wrong with your face?"? Who scratched it? "Who scratched what? I drank too much and scratched it." "What about your mouth, too?" "Why are your eyes so poisonous? Can I get inflamed?" Xie Qiaomumu listened to Pan Dongming and Yang Yang. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Luo Hao get up and come over to shake hands with Pan Dongming. He said, "Dongzi, what a coincidence." Ning Xiaoya jumped over like a flamingo and called Pan Dongming affectionately, pumpkin seed extract ,jujube seed powder, "Mr. Pan, come and see the clothes Yang Yang chose for me. Do they look good?" Said to turn a circle, the skirt of the big swing spread out, like a fire rose opened just right. While shaking hands with Luo Hao, Pan Dongming said to Ning Xiaoya: "Xiao Si looks good in everything." "Please don't call me Xiao Si. How old am I to call me by my nickname? It sounds like a boy." Ning Xiaoya glanced at Pan Dongming charmingly. He said with a smile, "OK, OK. I don't call you Xiao Si. I call you Miss Ning. Is that all right?" Only then did Ning Xiaoya smile sweetly and say, "Mr. Pan is better." Xie Qiao had been held tightly by Pan Dongming, but was ignored by the people in front of him. Luo Hao had stopped looking at her since he looked at her just now. He calmly greeted Pan Dongming. Pan Dongming pushed Xie Qiao to Yang Yang and said, "Yang Yang, introduce me. This is Xie Qiao. I'll give him to you. You can do it as you see fit." Only then did Yang Yang look at Xie Qiao. He didn't hold back. He looked at her again. He began to feel angry. These are all women. How can a girl named Xie Qiao look so beautiful in front of her? Her skin is as delicate as a fake porcelain doll. She stared at Xie Qiao and looked back and forth. Pan Dongming said to Xie Qiao, "This is Pan Yangyang, my sister. Don't look at the young and old designer." Unique vision, first-class taste, eat, drink and play, this is the expert. ” Pan Yangyang rolled his eyes and said, "Mr. Pan, do you boast of your sister so much? What is eating, drinking and playing? That's fashion. It's really a generation gap." Then he took Xie Qiao's arm and said delicately, "Oh, your skin is really good. It's thin and white. Your appearance is very classical. I'm going to show off my skills on you today. I won't let Mr. Pan recognize you for a while." She called her brother Mr. Pan, which was really creative, but Xie Qiao's whole head was wooden at the moment, and her eyes were full of red skirts. She could only reluctantly smile at Pan Yangyang and was pulled away by Pan Yangyang. Ning Xiaoya looked at Xie Qiao's back, winked at Pan Dongming and asked, "Has the taste changed?"? Where did you find such a beauty? It's cold enough not to eat fireworks. Pan Dongming loosened his tie and sat on the sofa with Luo Hao. He said to the silent Luo Hao with a smile, "You have to take care of this wild girl quickly. She is not big or small all day. She won't even call me brother when she sees me." Before Luo Hao could speak, Ning Xiaoya said with a charming smile, "You are still short of girls to call you brother. If I were you, I would hear cocoons in my ears. However, this time you have a good eye. I think this Xie Qiao is better than those little stars and singers you used to have. She is very good-looking, but a little arrogant. What does she do?" Pan Dongming smiled. "Why are you curious about everything? I won't tell you." "Well, I'm not happy to know." Ning Xiaoya took a white look at Pan Dongming and sat beside Luo Hao, naturally holding Luo Hao's arm. Luo Hao finally smiled, raised his head, looked at the mirror on the opposite wall and said, "Yes, it's really beautiful." He turned his head and looked at Pan Dongming's smiling eyes. "Dongzi, you are really lucky." Pan Dongming's smile deepened, and he patted Luo Hao on the shoulder: "You are lucky to find Xiao Si to be your wife." Luo Hao looked at his eyes and smiled. He kept nodding and said, "Yes, I'm angry,fenugreek saponins, too. You're right." Ning Xiaoya stared but could not hide the proud smile in the corner of her eyes: "I said don't call me Xiao Si." An hour later, Xie Qiao was pulled in barefoot by Pan Yangyang like a donkey. Pan Yangyang clapped his hands and said with a smile, "Come and have a look. Do you still know who this is?" prius-biotech.com

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