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I am repairing the tractor in 1970. Full-time Job

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Man Niu also laughed, "My father began to be very angry, he sighed for a long time, and said that Grandma Zhang and Sister Xiaohui were not easy, anyway, he is not angry now." Can not be angry, if this matter is not hidden, at the beginning and this matter related to the people have to eat hang down, harboring bad elements is what consequences, dare not think. Fortunately, everything passed safely. Knowing that Grandma Zhang's side has been arranged, Lin Aiqing is also relieved to concentrate on her own side of the matter, to go to college, some things at work must be handled properly, the handover should also be handed over. As a result, as soon as Lin Aiqing handled it, there was an accident in Baitanping. You said Song Miaoyan reported it? Lin Aiqing looked at Wei Yan'an with a blank face. "Isn't Song Miaoyan in the mine? Why did he come to report it?" Wei Yanan just came back from Baitanping, is to help to deal with this matter, "this matter is a long story, Song Miaoyan married you know, resume the college entrance examination, Song Miaoyan let her man think of a way to erase the crime on the file,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, signed up for the college entrance examination." Putting down the bag, Wei Yan'an first took down the sweet potato simmering on the stove, broke it open to see that it was cooked, peeled off a circle of skin carefully, and then handed it to Lin Aiqing, motioning her to listen to him while eating. Song Miaoyan's situation is not allowed to take the college entrance examination, but she signed up from the mine, took the exam,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, but the foundation is not good, the child dragged and did not review well, directly failed. Also do not know when she went to Baitanping, heard Zhang Xiaohui called the old lady grandma, and then ran to the commune to report. Song Miaoyan had stared at the old lady and Zhang Xiaohui before, but at that time the old lady came, everyone was very alert, but also to guard against her, although she was confused, but did not find accurate evidence. Of course, it's not conclusive evidence now. To tell you the truth, the old lady is now much more conscious, tidied up neatly, just look at the face, Zhang Xiaohui and the old lady is still very much like. Coupled with Zhang Xiaohui's cry, Song Miaoyan was sure that the old lady who fell from the sky was Zhang Xiaohui's grandmother, turmeric extract powder ,pumpkin seed extract, and then went to the commune to report it. Someone reported that this matter must be investigated. If Captain Liu did not know the situation, he could beat Song Miaoyan to death. This was not a panic to know the truth. He hurriedly asked someone to call Wei Yan'an back. It was done very well at the beginning, and it was no big deal. Seeing Lin Aiqing's nervous face and looking at Wei Yan'an with his eyes wide open, Wei Yan'an smiled and reached out to pinch Lin Aiqing's face. In the month after the exam, Lin Aiqing was fattened a lot by Wei Yan'an. Her face was fleshy and she felt very good. Especially Lin Aiqing's body was heavy and her brain reaction was slower than usual. Wei Yan'an now had a new problem and liked to pinch Lin Aiqing. Lin Aiqing stared at Wei Yan'an, who quickly withdrew his hand and handed Lin Aiqing a cup of hot water. The Shanghai Stock Exchange can find out that the old lady has indeed'died '. Since her grandmother is gone, now Baitanping must have nothing to do with Zhang Xiaohui. Wei Yan'an continued. At the beginning, someone found out and reported it. The most important thing is that Zhang Xiaohui's family has been rehabilitated. If Zhang Xiaohui's family is not rehabilitated, Song Miaoyan to report, it must be a report, now rehabilitated, the situation is lost, especially Song Miaoyan himself is guilty. Not only was Zhang Xiaohui's family rehabilitated, but she herself worked hard in the commune and rendered meritorious service many times. Now she is a military family member, not to mention, she is also a college student. With Captain Liu and other educated youths to testify for Zhang Xiaohui, the attitude of the commune is definitely still inclined to Zhang Xiaohui. It was also at this opportunity that Wei Yan'an arranged the old lady's "family". Originally, it was a bit strange to find the old lady out of thin air. Song Miaoyan's report was a coincidence. He wanted to check it. After checking, the old lady in Shanghai was gone. The educated youth pointed out who the old lady was, and they had to find out if it was not. Wei Yan'an simply joined Captain Xiao Liu to play a play, so that Captain Xiao Liu could recall the time and place when he met the old lady, reason where the old lady was lost, and delimit a "family search" area for the commune. Then, as a matter of course, the commune came forward to find the old lady's "son". As for Song Miaoyan's side, Wei Yan'an checked a little and found out what Song Miaoyan had instructed her husband to do now. At present, archives are particularly important, and one stroke determines life and death, but the situation of changing archives behind the scenes is not absent, and the people do not raise officials without investigation. Song Miaoyan changed it. She didn't take the lead, and no one remembered her, but she had to die, and Wei Yan'an didn't mind giving her a ride. "Song Miaoyan is stealing the chicken without losing the rice." Lin Aiqing is a little speechless. Why do you think Song Miaoyan is doing this? The file has been changed. He didn't pass the exam this year, and he will continue to work hard next year. Now it's better. The man was dismissed and sent to the farm. His file was erased before, and he added two more. Song Miaoyan but stepmother, the family depends on her man's salary to support the family, now her man's job because she did not, her stepson can not live to tear her? "You can't live if you do evil to yourself." Seeing that Lin Aiqing had finished eating, Wei Yan'an twisted a hot towel to wipe her hands. This time, there was no danger. After Zhang Xiaohui handled the matter well, she went back to Shanghai first. On the old lady's side, Zhang Xiaohui stuffed more money, and then asked the "family" to be sent to Shanghai. As for how to arrange to go to Shanghai and whether to restore the old lady's identity, it depends on how Zhang Xiaohui considers and handles it. Lin Aiqing and Wei Yanan handed over their work and visited the commune and the county town together. After saying goodbye to the leaders and friends who had helped them in recent years, they were almost ready to leave. I never thought I could get out of here so soon. When Lin Aiqing went to the countryside, he really thought he would stay here for a lifetime. Wei Yan'an didn't think he would stay for a lifetime. From the first day he went to the countryside, he was preparing to leave, but he thought he would leave through promotion or other ways, but he did not expect to leave through the college entrance examination. Of course,tannic acid astringent, I didn't expect that I would meet Lin Aiqing and fall in love with her, that I would get married in the countryside, and that he would soon become a father. prius-biotech.com

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