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Thorn the world Full-time Job

1 year ago Human Resources Cambridge   1K views
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Hum, who in this game dares to take this magic pet as a barbecue? Unfortunately, this thing is too small. With my head full of golden roast meat, I swept towards the pond like a meteor! The little thing was lying on the ground drinking water at this time. It was very alert. While drinking water, its two small eyes, which were also silvery white, were rolling around. As soon as I appeared, this thing immediately found me, and after a hissing sound of panic, it swept up a silver-white floating shadow and disappeared in the grass in the blink of an eye. The speed of this sweep is unimaginably fast! OK! I can not help but praise, at the same time in the heart also had a competitive heart, the body in the air, I long laugh, casually take out a hundred Zhang rope roll to the side of a tree, to borrow strength. If only by speed, I'm afraid I can't catch up with this little thing! With the help of force, my speed skyrocketed, and in a flash, I saw the silver-white floating shadow under my body. This little thing is very clever. When it sees me in hot pursuit, it relies on its small size to go to a narrow place. Fortunately, its silver-white fur is very conspicuous, and I have the help of Baizhangsuo. Although it is fast, it will not be able to get rid of me for a while. The three-legged cat and the drinking pig stood up and looked at the two figures of one silver and one green shuttling through the forest like lightning,lycopene for skin, only for a moment, they disappeared in sight! "Tell me, little pig," said the three-legged cat with a wry smile. "What is the origin of this man?" The drinking pig frowned and said, "It is reasonable to say that all the masters in this game have their own place in that set of dolls. You saw the scene that day. I dare say that his skill is at least in the top ten. But the strange thing is that no one in that set of dolls fits the image of this person.." Ah, it's really strange. Is it really like in the martial arts novels? Is there any reclusive master? The three-legged cat raised his eyebrows and said, "Piggy, have you ever thought that he is the one who doesn't wear a mask?" The drinking pig shook his head and said,turmeric extract powder, "Do you mean the mask of death?"? Should not be, half a year ago that night, I was also in Qinglong City, although their height is similar, but there is still a difference. It shouldn't be him. "Who could that be?" Asked the three-legged cat. The drinking pig narrowed his eyes and said, "No matter who he is, as long as he is willing to help us kill half a cigarette, it will not be in vain for us to endure such a long time in this game." "That's true." The three-legged cat nodded and said, "However, I still want to know the origin of this man. Alas, if it weren't for the fact that this man always makes me inexplicably flustered, I really want to follow him in the future." …… This chase, unexpectedly is half an hour! At this moment, I have poured all my strength into my legs, but I have no choice but to find that this little thing is running faster and faster, and now I just rely on the help that Baizhangsuo can provide at any time, naringenin price ,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, reluctantly following it! God's creation, each has its own ability, unexpectedly this system can also follow this way, although the gadget in front of me is extremely weak, but the system has given it unparalleled speed! That is, I, if for someone else, let alone half an hour, is half a minute, afraid also can not support! But now that I'm here, I won't let it go anyway! At this point, two hundred meters in front of me was a low Bush. The distance of two hundred meters, for that gadget, is only a flash, and the direction it is heading for at this time is also running there! I couldn't help frowning. If I had waited for it to get into the bushes, there would have been almost no chance of catching it again! The little thing seemed to have thought of this, and suddenly quickened its pace, no longer worrying about my pursuit, abandoning the previous way of moving left and right, but sweeping in a straight line towards the bushes. A little beast trying to get out of my hands? I couldn't help sneering and quickly took out an incendiary bomb from my belt and threw it in the direction of the bushes. If I can't catch you, I'll ***ing destroy you! As the incendiary bomb fell to the ground, the bushes in front of it burst into flames. The little thing did not expect this scene and almost rushed in. Fortunately, it stopped very quickly and stopped one meter away from the flame. But although it saw the machine very quickly, it was still inevitably burned by the flame, immediately let out a scream, turned around and rushed in the direction of me. By this time, I had stopped my steps and watched it running towards me coldly. Watching this little thing get closer and closer to me. He suddenly stopped and looked at me in fear. He finally realized that the direction he was going was more dangerous than the bushes! Run! It turned sharply, intending to run to the other side. But unfortunately, at the moment when it paused slightly, something like a vine rushed towards itself. Then he found that his whole body was tight and was firmly wrapped in the vine. Then, a strong surge, it was wrapped in this vine-like thing to fly into the air, it was helpless but frightened to find that the direction of this is toward the human who stared at him coldly! …… I put away the Baizhang rope and looked carefully at the little thing I had managed to get. At this time, it was smoked by the flame, the whole body was scorched black, no longer the previous bright color, only two eyes as big as broad beans are still a dazzling silvery white. However, in these two silver-white eyes, what reveals is the extreme panic, the body is also like the electric shock sharp trembling! I can not help but laugh, is indeed a rat, unexpectedly so timid! Looking at this shivering little thing, I can not help but feel puzzled, how to deal with it? All right, the left and right will not have any subjugation, since this thing is so timid, can not say only to frighten it first. I conjured up a blue dragon dagger that I hadn't used for a long time and drew it on the little thing. Ziya said with a smile, "It's too small. It's not enough to eat in one bite. But at least it's a magic pet. Maybe it tastes good.." This little thing is obviously some intelligence quotient, it seems to understand the meaning of my words, the front paws suddenly raised, made a gesture of begging for mercy. Just then,lutein eye complex, the little one suddenly appeared and jumped on the top of the little thing's head. "Don't frighten it, big man," he said with a smile. "I'm here. There's no need for subjugation." prius-biotech.com

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