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Qifeng Tower Full-time Job

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Although Kang Jie often appears in movies and TV programs, he is seldom recognized by the audience when he goes to the public. Occasionally, a few spectators would point at him from a certain distance and say, "Hey, this is not that.." "?" It was not his name that was uttered, but the name of a character he had played in a recent film or television production; and even when identified in this way, it was rare for the audience to rush enthusiastically to ask him for an autograph. When he first entered the entertainment industry, Kang Jie was not only excited, but also proud. First, he was not born in a professional class, and second, he was not a "son of an aristocratic family." With his humble family background and low educational background (after graduating from junior high school, he only attended an electrician training class for half a year), he unexpectedly jumped from the bottom of the earthly world into the film and television circle that many men and women "star chasers" are envious of today! What he relies on is not only his masculine image and martial arts, but also his brothers who practice martial arts together. Many of them have been invited by film and television producers to make guest appearances, and some have even played one or two leading roles,Flushometer valve, but they can hardly survive in the film and television circles for a long time. He really has a little bit of acting ability, and more exaggeratively, he has a kind of innate spirit. That's what you can't grow up by relying solely on the training of the film Academy and the drama Academy! Kang Jie has had a lot of film contracts in recent years. He lives in the entertainment circle almost all day long, and by extension, he is mixed up in the cultural circle. In order not to be underestimated by people in the circle, he made a lot of efforts to strengthen his self-cultivation. At the beginning,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, some people praised him as "Chinese Stallone" or "Oriental Schwarzenegger", and he was quite proud. Later, he learned that people in Hong Kong called that kind of actor a "big one", that is, to please the audience by "selling big pieces" in the film and television, which is no different from the actress who attracts people by sex, and belongs to the lowest class, so he worked hard to pull out from the stereotype of "big one". He regarded Douglas, an American movie star, as a role model, who was not only comparable to "Big One" in terms of masculinity, Manual Flush Valve ,Prison toilet for sale, but also ranked among the stars of the acting school. He watched all the videos of Douglas's films that he could get, some of which he did not know how many times, and pondered back and forth, which was really very insightful! He cultivated himself in various other ways, too. He had two translations of Ulysses and a stack of Remembrance of Things Past on his bookshelf, and he had read some of them-it was hard to read! To tell the truth, even the much thinner "One Hundred Years of Solitude", he is also very reluctantly read, and the heart at a loss: What is good?! But when he heard people in the circle talking about fashionable things again, he still tried to see them first with the vigor of unwilling to be left behind. Recently, he rushed to read The Bridges of Madison County, which was easy to understand, but to be honest, he still didn't like it. Because he is still unmarried, his parents are dead and his sister's family, who has been out of the cabinet for a long time, does not constitute a burden for him. Although his salary is far less than that of Jihong and Pan Fan, it is also increasing day by day. Therefore, his standard of living should be said to have greatly exceeded the class he came from. His living room is decorated very beautifully and he has bought a very expensive stereo. He tries to listen to the classical masterpieces of famous Western artists as a lesson, but what really relaxes him is the romantic piano music of Clayderman or the songs sung by Lin Zixiang in Hong Kong. Of course, he didn't lose Chinese martial arts, but he asked someone to teach him Western swordsmanship. After all, he is only in his early thirties, and he feels that he can really achieve great success in the film and television industry! Before that, he also frequently felt that people in the circle intentionally or unintentionally discriminated against and even despised him. For example, in a certain crew, he played an evil "yamen", and the popular porn star who played the female number one always called him "Master Kang". It sounded very intimate, but in fact he was always pointing out his "true identity"; For another example, there was a time when the director talked about "post-modern" and "post-structure" during the director's exposition. He was the one who listened very carefully, but after the director glanced at him, he suddenly said to everyone: "I know that this is completely'casting pearls before swine 'to some people.." As a result, many people squinted at him, and he immediately felt that there were ten thousand bee stings on his face. But he swallowed all those injuries, because he felt that he was really an "outsider" in this circle, and since he liked to mix in this circle,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, he could only endure the pain of running in with these "aborigines".. However, the conflict on the shooting scene today made him unbearable all of a sudden. He lost his balance in his heart. Not only did he stamp his feet and break up with director Zhu Yuliang, but he didn't give a good face to the flash boss who came to persuade him to make peace after hearing the news.. You don't know shit! How dare you fool around in this circle! What the *** is that? Why the *** should I swallow this ***ing bowl of maggots. cnkexin.com

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