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Kill God Full-time Job

2 months ago Babysitting & Nanny Work Cary   231 views
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"How can I fool you, a girl, at my age?" Xuanming stared and then shouted with a bitter look on his face: "This day.." It's really bitter. "Well, I promise you, but you have to help me too!" Zuo Shi's little face was full of pride. "Isn't it just practice? I'm not good at anything else, but this is good. Hee hee." "That, boss Xuanming, we?" All the great deities of the demon clan looked at him longingly, waiting for his attitude to vote. Wait for my instructions. You can help them do something else, but without my orders, you are not allowed to rush forward and kill me, understand? Xuanming snorted and swore, "They are all fools. The great fission of heaven and earth has happened, but they are still so stupid. Alas, life is really bitter." As soon as Yanlong and Xueyi saw that things had taken a turn for the better, they moved their huge bodies and retreated from the black pool one after another. When all those guys left, Xuanming opened his mouth and sucked, and the thick black smoke around the top of the black pool was sucked away directly by him. Then he waved his hand, wrapped the left poem in black smoke, disappeared in an instant, and went to another special area of the eternal night forest where the left poem could continue to break through quickly. In the divine pool of creation. Li Zhengrong woke up slowly, his eyes were like stars, his spirit was like electricity, and his breath was vast and distant. Why,empty lotion tubes, is that girl Bing Qingtong? He glanced back at the Pool of Creation behind him. He couldn't help shouting. Then he said to Shiyan, "What's the matter?"? With a sad face, what difficulties have you encountered? "The Seven Ancient Schools are going to do it." Shi Yan sighed. Li Zhengrong suddenly became heavy. He knew the power of the Seven Ancient Schools, how terrible those guys would be once they started, and how difficult it would be to deal with Shiyan's present strength. Have you found a way? He asked, frowning. Shi Yan shook his head. Li Zhengrong was silent. After thinking for a while, he suddenly said, "You said you got the lifelong meaning of an alchemist. Can you start from that aspect?" "Refiner?" Shi Yan shook his head and said with a wry smile,cosmetic tube, "It's too late. A few powerful secret treasures can't change the overall situation at all." "I'm not talking about refining." Li Zhengrong looked awestruck, "I mean." Formation? I remember that in ancient times, there were many powerful formations that could kill all the strong people in the realm of gods and kings. Shi Yan's eyes suddenly brightened, his whole body shook, and he suddenly stood up. He was stupefied for a moment and seemed to be searching for information in this regard in his mind. After a while, he said with a wry smile, "Difficult.". Materials, those demon clan storage is enough, but the project is too huge, it is impossible to build successfully in a short time. "What if there is a demon clan to help?" Li Zhengrong reminded, "As far as I know, with the huge body of the demon clan, if we do our best to help, many huge projects will become easier." Shi Yan suddenly burst out laughing and said, "Old Li is really extraordinary. This method can be tried!"! Thank you Li Lao, ha ha, not bad, plastic laminated tube ,plastic packing tube, with the help of the demon clan, those seemingly huge and difficult to form in a short time of the ancient array, really can be quick ah! The problem that had troubled him for a long time finally showed a glimmer of hope under the reminder of Li Zhengrong. Chapter 646 Jiancheng The gathering place of the Yang family. Monsters come and go, huge figures like dark clouds, roaring when they come and go, each monster carrying a large number of training materials. When each monster delivered the huge material, he would proudly shout out his name and flatter the young man beside the lake with a smile, saying, "Remember me. Help me refine my body. I can do my best." The young man beside the lake looked up every time, smiling and nodding tirelessly. The dragon, the blood, the nine-headed bird, the ice-armored giant crocodile, and the silver-winged Sirius, five great masters of the demon clan in the everlasting night forest, emerged from the depths of the forest from time to time and ordered their sons to help dig the passage below. Beside the lake, there are many gullies extending in all directions, each of which is tens of meters deep, black and damp. In the depths of those ravines, you can see a lot of light faintly. If you look carefully, you will find that it is a piece of the best crystal, emitting the beautiful luster of energy, which can move every warrior. The best crystals come from the bottom of the lake next to the God Pool of Creation, each of which is precious and contains tremendous energy. So many of the best yuan Jing, like the foundation, but was laid in the ground. Looking from the sky, you will find that the ravines are extremely complex and complicated, crossing a very strange pattern, just look at it, the soul will sway, as if the pattern has some kind of magic. Thousands of warriors from the Yang family, the Cao family, the Shi family, the Wing clan, and the Yin clan filled the gullies, constantly coming in and out, sweating one by one, and their faces were slightly pale. If you magnify the scene under a gully a hundred times, you will find that under each gully, there is a very strange array, which is depicted with the names of various materials. What the Yang family and many other warriors did was to put specific materials in specific positions accurately and arrange the best crystals neatly. Thousands of clans of the demon clan have been coming and going in this area for three days, and the treasures of heaven and earth brought over have enveloped the whole everlasting night forest. If they are piled up, they will be as high as several mountains. Yang Qingdi, Dishan, Li Zhengrong and other super-strong warriors have become craftsmen, using great efforts to build underground foundations, even some of the status of the warriors, are also busy, contributing a little strength. Whenever someone consumes Jingyuan and is exhausted, he will go to the lake to understand the elixir. Powerful warriors like Yang Qingdi will directly take tens of millions of years of Lingcao, stalactites, and all kinds of chalcedony to enhance the vitality and spirit. They will not hesitate to spend the spiritual things of heaven and earth in order to restore their strength as quickly as possible. This is a wanton trampling on the treasures of heaven and earth. The area with dense ravines covers an area of hundreds of miles and stretches out continuously,eye cream packing tube, like a huge dragon lying down, intertwined with each other, which is extremely strange. emptycosmetictubes.com

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