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Murder House Notes 3 Full-time Job

2 months ago Babysitting & Nanny Work Cary   187 views
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I'm not happy. Frankly speaking, I can afford to buy it even if the current price is ten times higher. But now every time the price is called, it is equal to one more cost. This man obviously saw that I was intent on buying it and came to make trouble. So I simply let Bai Kai double the asking price, which is very obvious in the shooting field. I'm going to decide on this thing. Get out of here. But the man who was unappreciative also turned over. So you come and I go several times, Bai Kai can not stand, quietly remind me that the price has been a bit high, timely stop. Only then did I suddenly realize that I was just ***ing fighting. I'm afraid the clues behind this house are not worth the price, because the person who commissioned the auction will probably not show up at all in the end and give the middleman full power to take care of it. I quickly called a halt to Bai Kai, and the man took the house at a price of more than 200,000 yuan higher than the market price. After buying the house, the man seemed to have completed the task. He put down the number plate and took off his hat. I was stunned again. I've seen this man before! Chapter 50 return to the old house. Bai Kai was so surprised that he couldn't help muttering something. I turned around and asked in a whisper, "Why is he here?"? Bai Kai said, "I don't ***ing know. I want to say that he is here to fight you for wealth. Do you believe it?"? I took another look, and the man did not avoid my eyes and nodded to me. I can only listen to the stiff waving. The tattoo on the man's forehead is too obvious, and I've been in close contact with him before, so I'm sure I won't admit my mistake. This is the man who appeared on the boat of the old man's funeral. I have some murmurs in my heart. Fortunately, there is nothing after the auction. Soon the auction was over. The man got up and put on his hat and was about to go out. I blocked the door one step ahead and stopped him. I actually wanted to ask him why he wanted to buy that house,Concealed Flush Valve, but after thinking about it, it was not my turn to ask, so I had to pretend to be familiar and say hello to him. The man stopped and pressed the brim of his hat again. Suddenly he said, "You can go with me.". Maybe there will be a surprise. Go straight out. I saw Bai Kai nodded and took the hint and followed him out. When he went out, he found an Audi waiting. The man got in the car, opened the window and held out a hand. I wanted to go back to my room to pack up my things and check out, but I'm afraid it's too late. As soon as he gritted his teeth and stamped his feet,stainless steel toilet, he opened the door and sat on it. Bai Kai then came in and closed the door. By this time there were already two people in the car, and in addition to that person, there was also a driver, wearing a very large sunglasses, covering half of his face, and could not see any expression. The man said, "Let's go," and the car started. I exchanged glances with Bai Kai, who obviously wanted me to calm down. He made a gesture of pressing his heart down with his hand. I thought so. Now that I got on the bus, I didn't have to think so much. Looking at the rapidly receding scenery outside the window, he lit a cigarette casually. The car is very fast, and the driver's skill is not bad. In the city of Beijing, Stainless Steel Shower Tray ,Flushometer valve, we got on the highway without waiting for a few red lights. The car was running on the highway. I tried to talk to the man, but he ignored me. I simply closed my eyes and squinted. Anyway, I was awake in vain, and I was relieved. There is no need to elaborate on the intermediate process. Our destination is that house, since I hit the highway, I roughly guessed, naturally no surprise. Running all the way was exhausting, but we never stopped at any gas station to rest. By the evening, the car had already driven into the city. The way we walked after that looked familiar to me, and it might be the same route as the house I came to. I looked at the familiar and strange night outside, and I had some feelings. The car drove slowly along the winding mountain road for a while and finally stopped. Bai and I got out of the car at the end, moved our joints, and I looked again at the house that had a long history with me. The house is almost the same as my impression, except for some climbing plants on the courtyard wall. On the contrary, it seems not only lifeless, but also more claustrophobic. I lit a cigarette and saw that the man went in and followed quickly. Bai Kai was not in a hurry. He seemed to have observed the terrain outside before he came in. He reminded me in a whisper that the driver was still outside. Be careful for a while. Don't be caught in the urn. Across the yard, the man had turned on the lights in the house. As soon as I saw it, the scene in the room was very different from before. It had been tidied up, not only with a lot of furniture, but also with new lights. I had never seen the house so bright before. Suddenly, I'm still a little uncomfortable. When Bai Kai sat on the sofa and called me, I came to my senses. The decoration and decoration of the house has not changed, but after cleaning, it does not look so dilapidated, but has a kind of primitive beauty, which is similar to the feeling of many European castles. Is this guy really here to invest? The current situation of the house is not only no problem for people to live in, but I'm afraid it can really raise the price a lot if it is sold again. Sitting down and looking around, the man did not greet us, said that you can help yourself, and went upstairs by yourself. Naturally, I would not miss this opportunity. There was no need to be polite. I quickly got up and turned around in the room to observe. Walking to the other rooms, I found that only the living room of the whole house had been cleaned. The other rooms were as shabby and dusty as seen earlier, and the lights were broken. I asked Bai Kai, what is this man doing here? Is there a meeting? No, maybe the mystery is on the second floor. Bai Kai wanted to go out, but I grabbed him again because I found something on the wall. When I turned on my cell phone and took a flash, I found a lot of graffiti. The room was already dark, and the color of the wallpaper looked grey-green. I couldn't find it if I didn't look carefully. I blew the dust on the wall, and I don't know how long the graffiti has been here. The paintings are quite artistic,Time Delay Faucet, similar to those seen in many bar streets or outside the stadium. Although this place is remote, it is not in the mountains and forests. It is normal to be found occasionally and come here to doodle, thinking that I will turn off my cell phone and go to the second floor. cnkexin.com

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