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The flower of acquaintance has not yet bloomed Full-time Job

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But in fact, Fang Rong is lying on his bed looking at a comic book called Dog Flute, which is almost an antique, and He Jiayong is doing his homework vigorously. It's finished. In one breath, Jia Yong is ready to go home. Please help me copy the math. "You write it yourself." "You should practice calligraphy." "I'll leave my homework and you'll copy it back to me." "No!"! Just copy a math ~ "I'm going back to see Jingjing, the panda." "***, I'll kiss you if you keep talking nonsense!" He Jiayong did his homework obediently. He didn't want to leave a scar on his face. Fang Rong continued to read comic books and enjoyed having a slave very much. Dialect notes: 1. Out of reach : "Enough" means to take or touch something that is far away. 2. A pile : Together, together. 3. Work (Two tones, or one tone): a word that is difficult to explain, that is, very noisy/tossing, very noisy/tossing, beyond common sense. Ex.: Being a demon 4. Yang Mao Zi Caterpillar The author has something to say: Add dialect notes, and mark out what you think is a dialect. If you have any questions, you can leave me a message. Look at each other in Jianghu He Jiayong, who was enslaved all day, felt more and more that he was a wimp. From the point of view of academic performance, he can despise someone very much,best green coffee bean extract, but someone doesn't care at all and continues to force him to submit by means of coercion, inducement, hooliganism and so on. Originally, he complained to adults, but as he grew older, he began to feel ashamed of this kind of behavior. In addition, Fang Rong grew more and more delicate. His parents began to feel that Fang Rong had changed his nature and did not speak for his son at all. It is better to ask for help than to ask for help. Always remember Mother Fang's words: "At any time,carnosic acid price, people have to help themselves." Fang Rong is no longer looking for He Jiayong's trouble because he has no father, but He Jiayong hates Fang Rong because of his physical disadvantage. He Jiayong began to devote himself to the cause of sports, and Fang Rong also met more like-minded friends. He Jiayong is playing basketball and football, while Fang Rong is climbing over the wall and climbing over the coal pile; He Jiayong is swinging his racket and sweating like rain in front of the table tennis table, while Fang Rong is pulling the rope and tying Liu Xiaoliu to the big iron gate of the school; He Jiayong is holding the pole and almost myopic in front of the billiard table, while Fangrong is squatting and peeking at Luo Yang smoking and almost choking to death (neither of the two children can learn well). [Note: Luo Yang is the senior boy who fought with her on the playground] He Jiayong's health is getting better and better, but he can't grow any taller than Fang Rong. Six years of primary school, He Jiayong is 162cm, 12 years old is not short, but Fang Rong is 166cm. At the beginning of elementary school, there is no doubt that He Jiayong wants to test the key points of the district, and Fang Rong's fate can not be changed. He Jiayong was very excited that he could finally get rid of the devil. Thought in the heart, ghana seed extract ,phycocyanin spirulina, since childhood together, the feelings are still good, so think is not a bit heartless? But on second thought, isn't it said in the sketch that "distance produces beauty"? Maybe it's better to separate a little. Primary school graduates are not reluctant to say goodbye, only Liu Xiaoliu depressed drag Fang Rong, said he can go to a junior high school with her, let her wait. He Jiayong said, "Aren't you a bitch?"? Su Xiao's parents divorced, and she was going to go to the south with her mother. When she left, she hugged Fang Rong tightly and said she couldn't bear to part with her. He Jiayong couldn't bear to part with this beautiful girl. Once she left, Fang Rong would be completely reduced to a man's wife. Su Xiao was the only way for Fang Rong to connect with women in He Jiayong's opinion. Li Yan is talkative and talkative. Her family gave her money to go to the nine thousand class of He Jiayong's school. As for Fang Rong to go to the middle school is a famous rogue school, they were assigned to that school in this area few, no acquaintances, I am afraid Fang Rong to fight a world, He Jiayong is really worried about her. He Jiayong and Fang Rong took part in several gang fights in the school. He Jiayong saw that Fang Rong had the potential to be a professional hooligan. He did not open his mouth without dirty words. He put his long hair on his head and dared to cut it up with a bench. Once their school that a few leaders also brought the plate dish to go, He Jiayong felt a little play derailed, early even dragged Fang Rong to pull away, Fang Rong also scolded him no loyalty. Fortunately, he was caught by the school later. The number of students was too large and did not cause any consequences. He symbolically punished several students who took the lead. It was also from then on that He Jiayong did not go out to fight with others on his own initiative. Under his supervision, Fang Rong also reduced the number of times he caused trouble (this is what Xiao He himself thought). What would happen if Fang Rong returned to that soil? In the days of separation, Fang and He started their new lives and taught new friends. Fang Rong doesn't have to go to Lao He's house for a meal. He Jiayong has no reason to go to Lao Fang's house. Fang Rong's school is very close to home. He Jiayong goes out later and comes home earlier after school. On holidays, He Jiayong is busy in swimming pools, stadiums, game halls and billiards clubs (of course, all secretly), while Fang Rong is forced to rush to all kinds of cram schools, or go to work with her mother, resolutely putting an end to nonsense with her friends. The two people haven't seen each other for a year. He Jiayong is really in his element in the new school. He was originally a normal boy's height, in the abnormal girl Fang Rong's side will feel ashamed, coupled with good sports, results in the upper and middle reaches, and quite able to fight, although not the campus man of the hour, but also full of confidence. When playing basketball, you can occasionally hear girls call you by your name. There are also people who want to fight with him because his girlfriend likes him. There are also a few girls who are more sticky to death. The teacher also likes him very much. He is not too big or too small and has become a member of the sports committee. He Jiayong lived a happy life. Occasionally, he remembered Fang Rong and thought about what she was doing. He didn't see her during the winter vacation. He went to his grandmother's house in the countryside during the summer vacation. In this way, he didn't see her for a year. Advice to some people who miss a heavy plot, people can not afford to murmur, Fang Rong's reappearance gave He Jiayong a lot of stimulation. It was already the second year of junior high school. Just a few days after the start of school, He Jiayong found that his social status had risen again. On the first day of junior high school, several girls ran to the door of their class to see him. When they were discovered,akba boswellic acid, they dispersed noisily. Playing basketball at school after school, there was a girl who could not unscrew a bottle of Wahaha and asked him to help. When he unscrewed it, the girl turned around and ran away. His face was cold and his heart was very proud. prius-biotech.com

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