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President, you are good or bad Full-time Job

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Xu Jiayi learned from him to touch his nose, but he was confused and did not understand what she had done last night to make him so angry? "That.." I didn't hug you to sleep last night, did I? "I don't think so, otherwise why didn't she even have a little impression?"? "You didn't hug me to sleep, but you drooled on my woolen coat.." Tut, he wanted to go crazy when he thought about the situation at that time. "Huh?!!" Really? She, she, she actually. …… My God! What a shame Okay, no face.. Xu Jiayi pounded his red cheeks and turned to run away. "Where are you going, Xu Jiayi?" I'm going to hide away, okay? "I'm going for a walk." Her voice was very thin and authentic. "Come here." He put down the makeup in his hand and fingered her. “…… I'm, I'm still not feeling well. I'm going to go back to sleep. What do you want to stop her? She's not disgraced enough. She's not red enough, is she? ? Didn't you say the bones were asleep? Come here and let me have a look. ” A voice that cannot be denied. Xu Jiayi sighed and walked up to him, but his head hung almost to the ground. What do you mean by staring at the ground all the time? Are there diamonds shining on the ground? "Jokingly moved his lips,plastic packing tube, he had no choice but to reach out and lift her jaw, the other hand covered her forehead," How do you feel burning again? "Strange, the morning has been completely fever. It's not that the fever is burning, but that the body temperature is soaring because of the saliva time. Xu Jiayi muttered in her heart that she wanted to tell him so, but she was afraid of being laughed to death by him. "Did you take medicine in the morning?" He pulled her over and sat down on the chair beside her,aluminium laminated tube, staring at her. "Did you see the note?" Xu Jiayi nodded, "your note didn't say let me take medicine." So she deliberately forgot. "Did not say to let you take medicine you don't eat?" The blue son does not know whether to laugh or cry to her answer, "you can be a little more idiotic and it doesn't matter!" Anyway, the person who has a cold and fever is not him. My cold is gone. So, you don't have to take so much medicine. Seeing the signs of his hair, Xu Jiayi quickly focused his attention on his desk, and then his eyes brightened. "Wow!"! A lot of cosmetics She reached for the dressing case. Seeing this, Lan Ziyong wanted to move away, but she pressed her hand more quickly. Ziyong, is this your dressing box? What brand are these cosmetics? Why don't I know the letters on it? Of course you don't, cosmetic plastic tube ,plastic cosmetic tubes, because it's cosmetics that have been repackaged once. Lan Ziyong hummed in his heart, ignoring her. "Eh?"? You have an international package. ? "Xu Jiayi glanced at the note on the edge of the package shell.". And then his face turned white for no reason. The hand holding one of the cosmetics turned white. "Hey, Xu Jiayi, don't break my things." Lanzi, who was not aware of her abnormality but was hung with cosmetics, grabbed the thing in her hand in a hurry, put it in a very precious way, then closed the cosmetic box and sealed the package again. "Lan Ziyong, is this Zuo An from China?" She asked suddenly. "How do you know?" Lan Ziyong was very surprised. Because all the cosmetics were repackaged, there was no trace of Zuo An. "Are you cherishing the cosmetics or are you paying attention to the note?" "Xu Jiayi, what are you talking about?" Why doesn't he understand? What does it mean to care about cosmetics and care about notes? ? "Well, I won't touch your baby. You don't have to defend me so much." Xu Jiayi suddenly turned around, just as Annie came in. "Director, Gong Tengyin, the executive president of Senruiwang, came to visit." Works related Chapter [15] Cooperation Lan Ziyong glanced at Xu Jiayi and then turned to Annie: "Let him come in.". ” When Annie heard this, she went out, and when she left, she glanced at Xu Jiayi in surprise, who seemed to be going out. Show a puzzled look. Xu Jiayi's aggrieved flat mouth turned around and stared at Lan Ziyong mercilessly. Suddenly, he said, "I hate you!" Then he hummed and ran out. Lan Ziyong gave a cry of amazement, and before his brain could think about the meaning of this sentence, he heard an exclamation from the corridor. "Xu Jiayi!" Lan Ziyong rushed out with his heart in his chest. Xu Jiayi rubbed his nose, which was hurt by the collision, and his delicate facial features were wrinkled into a ball. Thick ~ is the guy who doesn't have long eyes didn't see her run out, but also silly to come this way, will cause her to be hit? Pounding her nose, she looked up angrily and opened her mouth to teach her a lesson about the bastard who had knocked her dizzy and clung to her. But he was stunned at the moment when his eyes met. She thought Lan Ziyong was the most beautiful man she had ever seen, but the facial features of the man in front of her were more delicate than ever. It is even more transparent than her exquisite carving. Moreover, he looked at her as if he could discharge, affectionately. You're stuck in it, and it's hard to get out. Thick ~ How can there be such a beautiful man? It's really annoying. ! Men are so beautiful that they don't let women live. ? The man holding her in his arms felt the irritation in her eyes. He could not help raising his eyebrows and asked in Japanese, "Miss seems to have a problem with me?"? Did we know each other before? "I don't think so,cosmetic tube, otherwise he wouldn't have no impression of such a lovely and lovely girl.". “…… I don't know. Xu Jiayi, who reacted half a beat slowly, flashed his big eyes and suddenly made an action that surprised the man! She actually reached out and touched his face. ? emptycosmetictubes.com

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